Halloween Crafts – Gears of War Locust Pumpkin and Face Painting

Gears of War Locust Pumpkin

Happy Halloween!! Halloween is definitely one of my top 2 favorite holidays of the year, mostly because I get to do so many crafty things during this time.  One of my annual traditions has been to carve a 3D pumpkin and since I’ve been playing sooo much Gears of War 3 lately, I decided to create a locust pumpkin! Enjoy!Gears of War Locust Pumpkin

I also made a mini Gears logo pumpkin, which was much harder than I thought. I drew the stencil and taped it on the pumpkin. Using those tools that make dots in the pumpkin, I traced the stencil around and then cut w/the knife.

Gears of War Logo Pumpkin

Also on my crafty agenda was face painting since I face painted a bunch of kids on Sunday at my church. Here’s my PWNY FTW and my Nyan Cat!

My Little Pwny Face PaintingNyan Cat Meme Face Paint
Happy Halloween!

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