Gifts For Your Geek – 2012 edition

Space Invaders Gift Wrap - geeky giftsChristmas is right around the corner so I thought I would put together some geeky gift suggestions for the significant geek in your life! Sure, there are lots of shirts, hoodies, socks, underwear, and everything else geeky these days, but here are some that I thought were worth mentioning. Although I originally started out making a “girls” list and “boys” list, I realized that the “boy list” wasn’t really boy specific, so this became the “for both” list. Anyhow, read on to see my geeky christmas gifts list!

For the girls:

For both:

  • Geeky bathrobes – I have the Yoda one and it’s great for walking around the house with that cup of Dagobah coffee.
  • Retro Duo SNES/NES players – portable version and regular version. Although I’ve heard mixed reviews on the portable one, I don’t care. I still think it’s super cool!
  • Adventure Time Sweaters in Finn and Jake – Christmas is the perfect time for sweaters so why not get your Adventure Time fan one of these?
  • Geeky pillows – Scrabble, anyone? Or Minecraft?
  • Custom Art – with so many talented artists on Deviant Art and Etsy, it’s easy to find something he/she will like. You can even request a print of something you find on Deviant Art from that artist. Or maybe even consider getting a commissioned piece if you have enough time.
  • That one collectible that your significant geek is looking for. Something vintage? Something limited edition? That thing that was only released that one time 10 years ago? Geeks love collecting stuff, so find that one thing they’re missing from their collection or that might add to it! It may take a while for that item to come up, but eBay is the way to go!

So that’s it. Anything big that I missed that would be on your list? Would love to hear your suggestions!

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