New Year, New Do

Star Wars Bodysuit Outfit

Happy New Year!! Ok, I’m about 6 days late, but better late than never. So besides this amazing Star Wars bodysuit that I’m wearing, you might also notice I’m wearing a wig in today’s outfit! No matter how many times I’ve worn costumes or cosplay wigs out in public, for some reason, wearing wigs during this season of my life makes me incredibly self conscious! Go figure. I know, it’s probably just me since I’ve been reassured many times that I look fine in a wig, but the thought of my wig accidentally falling off totally scares me especially now that there’s not much underneath! The physical changes that come during chemo – bloating, acne, hair loss, dry skin to name a few can easily bring you down. And no matter how much people can tell you how great or beautiful you look, it all comes down to how you feel. Only you can help yourself! I’m not one to make New Years resolution, but maybe that’s one that going to keep in my back pocket for now. :)

Purple Wig Star Wars Bodysuit and Skirt Star Wars Bodysuit Outfit Purple Wig Star Wars Bodysuit and Skirt Purple Wig Star Wars Bodysuit and Skirt Leather Blazer and Flared Skirt Outfit Purple Wig and Star Wars Bodysuit OutfitThe Goods:

  • Star Wars Bodysuit (Forever 21, buy here) w/Leather Trim Blazer (Theory)
  • Flared Circle Skirt (Aqua, similar here and here) with Patent Leather Belt
  • Jewelry: Layered Necklace (similar here), Mixed Pearl Bracelet (Forever 21)
  • Hot Pink Crossbody (Marc by Marc Jacobs, similar here)
  • Reptile Print Pumps (Alice & Olivia, more colors here and here)
  • Dark Purple Wig (Epic Cosplay Wigs, buy here)

7 thoughts on “New Year, New Do

  1. I think you look amazing. My aunt just started to lose her hair from chemo and was able to get a free wig from the cancer center. Talk about a much needed thing!

  2. You look gorgeous! Don’t let the little things keep you down and keep being the amazing person we all love to digitally stalk.

  3. What are you talking about, you look great in the wig! And I love the color. From someone who has worn several wigs in the past and still does, a few tips:

    -if you get a wig that is too shiny and doesn’t look natural, soak it in fabric softener (you can look up the full instructions on pinterest). It’ll look a lot more natural.

    -Also, get a gripper. It’s like a strip of rubbery gel that you can adjust with velcro. I’ve used them and I like them a lot. Put on your wig cap, then gripper, then wig. You’ll worry less about the wig sliding. (also make sure you’re adjusting the hooks on the wig, too)

    -if you live in a hot climate, get these: they’re great.

    -don’t brush the wigs. Run your fingers through it or comb it at most. I’ve ruined wigs by brushing them.

    -if your wig is particularly itchy, get a cotton wig cap. They eliminate a lot more of the itch than the net caps wigs usually come with. (you may not want to wear it if you’re going to be in a hot climate for a long period of time, though).

    -I’ve found the most natural looking wigs are the (possibly more expensive) ones that have a see through part on top, because then your scalp shows through and it looks like a real part.

    -if you live in a hot climate and decide to go synthetic, make sure it’s one that’s heat resistant. Because otherwise it could melt.

    -synthetic is a lot cheaper than human hair

    (you probably know a lot of this already but here it is anyway).

    Hope the side effects get fewer and fewer!

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