Derping in Space


Happy Friday (and Happy Force Friday while we’re at it!). It’s been a long stressful week for me and I’m so glad to end this week chilling out with my corgis in space shirt. As you know, I love corgis (duh) and it’s kinda of cool how popular they have become over the past 10 years – to the point where I found this shirt at Hot Topic of all places! This shirt has not one, but five corgis! And they’re in all shapes, sizes, and derp levels! So if you or a friend has a corgi, you may have just found the perfect item for your corgi lover. It’s definitely one of the weirdest and coolest corgi things I own (other than these Royal Corgi souvenirs from Buckingham Palace) and I only expect my collection to grow! :D

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Pink Lips and Purple Hair


Nope, that’s not some funky photo editing or weird contrast going on with your screen. I do in fact have light purple hair. :D Ever since I finished chemo, I’ve been waiting for what feels like ages to dye my hair. There’s some weird rule about not dying your hair too soon after chemo so I waited and waited… Mostly for the texture to normalize also to grow it to a decent length before taking the pastel plunge. I don’t think people realize how slow hair really grows (1/2 inch per month if you’re a “fast” grower). In fact, it really used to bug me when people would say things like, “It will grow back!” when I was dealing with chemo hair loss. Even going from no hair to chin length hair will probably take over a year, which is a long time to wait! My hair seems to be growing at an average rate and what you’re looking at is 8 months of growth plus 2 days worth of bleaching. It’s interesting because I would probably never have bleached my whole head if I had the hair I had before (way too much maintenance), but I’m pretty excited that I can finally take advantage of my short hair to have some fun with it! So… any color suggestions??

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Santa Clara City Library Comic Con!

sclibraryccWe all know that cons can range from super big like SDCC to super small and everything in between. With all the hype over mega comic cons these days, there’s times where I do miss the small cons I used to go to as a kid – where the content was good, the crowds were minimal, and the fans were all there for the same reasons. Well, this Saturday, I’ll have the opportunity to attend one of those small cons as a cosplay guest at the Santa Clara City Library Comic Con! Yes, you heard it right – this is a library comic con and I’m super excited since it will be really kid friendly, has some top notch panels and guests (like Executive Producer Dave Filoni from Avatar, Clone Wars, and Star Wars Rebels!), and did I mention tickets are free?? I’ll be wandering around and catching Pokemon as Honey Lemon, so please come say hi!

Good Motivators

Star Wars Droids Black White Dress

It’s crazy to think that exactly one year ago, my world was turned upside-down when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s still hard to even type that out today – in fact, sometimes it seems like a lifetime ago that I was dealing with all that stress. I was in total disbelief, felt so overwhelmed, and had no idea how I was going to take this on. Well, as you can see, I made it out A-OK and learned a lot about myself – one of the biggest things being that I am much stronger than I realize. I think that’s one thing that a lot of survivors will tell you – that this disease F’ing sucks and going through it is no piece of cake, but in the end, you come out so much mentally stronger than you were before.

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In the Name of the Moon

SailorSkirt_ComboWhen it comes to female fans, you really cannot pinpoint one type of fangirl. Some love only Star Wars, some love only comics, others are hardcore gamers. But there’s one fandom that I’ve found that so many women do have in common and that’s Sailor Moon. I think most girls experience Sailor Moon in some shape or form while growing up – for me, that came in the form of Japanese art books that my dad would buy for me overseas. I poured through those books, devouring the beautiful drawings while trying to figure out who was who, what these stories were about, and how I could get my hands on more Sailor Moon! Eventually the show appeared on American television and even though the dubbing on the episodes drove me nuts, I still enjoyed every cheesy line and every dramatic transformation. There’s definitely something special about the characters and the show and it’s no surprise to me that after all these years, Sailor Moon is still as big as it is.

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The Alien Bunch

Vintage Star Trek Aliens tee and tribal shorts

I’m definitely holding on to these last days of August and taking advantage of any occasion to wear shorts, sandals, and short sleeves. The end of summer also means the end of BBQs and I don’t know about you, but I haven’t had enough! Since Labor Day weekend is just about to cap off the end of summer, I decided to plan ahead and figure out a cute, but geeky “BBQ ready” outfit. This alien Brady Bunch tee is definitely a great conversation piece since it features some of my favorite aliens from the original Star Trek series. Who could forget the alien decoy, Balok, or the lizard guy from one of my favorite episodes, “Arena”? Anyways, I hope you (and your alien friends) all have a great long weekend full of food and fun!

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Battle Souvenirs

Floral bomber souvenir jacket with vegan leather skirt

I never knew why these were called “Souvenir Jackets”, but apparently it’s because American soldiers in Japan started to embroider Asian symbols (like dragons, cherry blossoms, etc.) onto their jackets as “souvenirs” for their trip home after WWII. Regardless of their origin, I’ve been loving these bomber style jackets as a summer and fall trend and wearing one just made me wonder what would be my post-battle “souvenir” (or maybe more like “war wound” for me) since I just had my 6 month post chemo check-up? I mean, I have plenty of scars and enough bodily changes to remind me of what I went through but maybe my real “souvenir” will have to come later in the form of a tattoo? Maybe?? Hehe. So although my check up was fine, Continue reading