Maxi’d Out

free people andrina maxi dress and unpossible star wars imperial necklace

It’s been a while since I last felt the rush of getting a new cosplay done in time for a con and this week has been one of those weeks. With me trying to find time to work on my cosplay (while my deliveries go missing) and at the same time dealing with SDCC hotel madness, it’s no wonder that by Friday, I’m pretty wiped out and just want to curl up with my controller and Dark Souls. With little energy left to put into an outfit, today’s outfit embodies the simplicity and laziness of a Friday with this Free People maxi dress. And now I’m off to bury myself in lots of cosplay making craziness! Have a great (and productive) weekend!

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Feeling Wonderful

Wonder Woman shirt outfit

Ah, Wonder Woman. One of my favorite heroines, but one I will probably never cosplay. Sure, I could be a lanky version of this Amazonian princess, but I think I’m more suited for Wonder Girl to be honest, which I’m especially fond of after buying the Lauren Faust designed Super Best Friends figurines last year at SDCC. You may not see me in a Wonder Woman cosplay anytime soon, but in the meantime, this shirt will have to do. Today I’m wearing it with some tribal shorts, which I think is pretty fitting, given her origins – don’t you think? And luckily Wonder Woman is iconic enough that you should have no problem finding a shirt to suit your own personal style. Have a WONDERful day!

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Over the Moon

Wolf Moon Sweatshirt Outfit

It may be the rainy weather or the fact that I was just passed out and sick for days, but there’s something about a comfy sweatshirt that just makes me feel good. On top of that, this sweatshirt is very Bret McKenzie a la Flight of the Conchords, making it 20% cooler. ;) If you were a fan of the show like I was, Bret was almost always wearing a shirt, sweatshirt, or jumper with an animal on it and I think he would have approved of this one. Happy Friday, people!

“You’re a bad egg!” – Murray, Flight of the Conchords

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Animal Lover

Dotted Chambray Shirt and High Waisted Shorts

Even though it’s still technically winter, this weekend sure didn’t feel like it. It was easily a shorts and T-shirt kind of weekend and I definitely took advantage of that. In addition to hanging out in the sun, I got the amazing opportunity to visit the guys at Unpossible Cuts and check out a bunch of their new items including this super cute nerd fox necklace that I am in love with and these squirrel/acorn earrings, which normally don’t come this way, but it doesn’t matter because their earrings are so easy to mix and match. And if you love their stuff as much as I do, keep an eye out on Instagram as I will be doing a giveaway with them sometime soon!

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Not Enough Corgis

Corgi Print Shirt and Theory Leather trim Blazer

All of my friends know how much I love Corgis. And lately, it seems like Corgis are all over the internet. Once more popular for being the Queen’s royal dogs, they are now adored all over the internet, even becoming a meme! So when one of my friends saw this Corgi print shirt at Urban Outfitters, I received a slew of enthusiastic messages notifying me about this top! And even though I lost my dear Dobi earlier this year, seeing these little corgis running around all over this shirt still brings back great memories of Dobi, Ein, and reminds me that I still have another little odd looking corgi “mix” to love (who also apparently likes to get in all my shots!).

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Fully Operational Outfit

Black Milk Star Wars Death Star Dress Outfit

As a fan of Black Milk’s entire line of Star Wars items, I’ve had this Death Star dress for a while now. And I’m not sure about you, but I’ve always found it a little challenging when it comes to how to wear something so eye-catching outside of the convention halls and into the “normal” public. With the way the dresses are shown on the Black Milk site, it’s hard to get ideas on what to wear with them. Well, I took that as a challenge and here’s what I came up with. What do you wear with your BM dresses? Comment below and share your favorite things to wear with BM stuff!

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Effortless TGIF Style

Junk Food Star Wars Tank and Free People Oversized TGIF cardigan

I love a good comfy sweater and it only seemed fitting that this sweater, appropriately with style name “TGIF”, be worn in today’s post. Free People is known for their laid back boho style and this oversized cardigan makes me feel like I’m being wrapped in a blanket all day. And with it’s hi-lo style (short front, long back), it’s not only modern, but also effortless. To keep the look just as casual as the sweater, I paired it with my vintage art Star Wars tank, some faded skinnies, and Victorian inspired lace up boots. Hopefully with this kind of outfit, you’ll look like you just rolled out of bed on a Friday looking casual, but stylish! Happy Friday, everyone!

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