Rockin’ the Heat

Guardians of the Galaxy black white album tee outfit

It’s been a pretty hot summer, which has been the perfect excuse to make some new tank tops. I’ve been buying way too many Guardians of the Galaxy tees (because they all look SO cool) and instead of just cutting them all into sleeveless tanks, I’ve been trying to mix it up with some DIY. The graphic on this tee was totally album cover worthy so I wanted to add a bit of punk cutouts to the back. All it took was some scissors, careful cutting, and then cutting off enough of the shirt to have a front tie. And speaking of DIY, I even made the pants I’m wearing, which were super easy with this pattern! Read on to DIY your own geeky tee!

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Cosplay Tutorial: Slave Leia on the Run

I signed up for the Star Wars 10k back in June 2016 at a point in my life where I couldn’t remember the last time I ran more than 2 miles (maybe the 7th grade Turkey Trot?). But as I was on my “must beat cancer” workout high, I decided to go for it. I did my first 10k in October and the Star Wars 10k would now be my second one. I admit, I didn’t train as hard as I did for my first 10k, but I knew part of this race would consist of stopping/resting for lots and lots of pictures, many of those with lines. And yes, there are lines, some up to 30 minutes! But as the participants agree, that’s part of the reason why you do this race in the first place! I honestly don’t know why you would pay so much to run a Disneyland race, only to barely stop and enjoy the views, the characters, and all the awesome surroundings! And of course, I had to take advantage of the theme to brainstorm a fun running outfit. 2 weeks before the race and I still hadn’t decided what  kind of costume I wanted to run in, however, with Carrie Fisher’s passing, I knew it had to be Leia.

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The Bomb: DIY Star Wars Bomber Jacket

Rogue One Shirt and Star Wars Bomber JacketIf you’re a clothing addict and avid shopper like myself, then you’ve probably noticed some new trends popping up for spring/summer. For me, I’ve been seeing a ton of off-the-shoulder tops and dresses, midi culottes and skirts, the continuing trend of crop tops, and last but not least, the bomber jacket. I know that trends come and go, but sometimes there’s certain ones that really catch my eye.

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Back to School Basics – Wearing Sneakers with Dresses

How to wear sneakers with dressesIf there’s one piece of advice I have for people who are still in school, it’s this – ENJOY YOUR SUMMERS! You really don’t realize how priceless summer break is until you don’t have it anymore. Because once you finish school and start working, you will very rarely ever have another 3 consecutive month period off ever again (unless you’re unemployed). Gone are the carefree days where you don’t have to worry about paying bills, having gaps in your resume, and accruing enough PTO for your next vacation! AMIRITE? With school starting again and summer break just about over, I wanted to do a little “back to school” special focusing on one of my favorite looks – how to pair dresses with sneakers. Check out my ideas below and let me know what you think!

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Geek Chic DIY: How to Turn a Giant Shirt into a Peplum Top

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Shirt - DIY Peplum Top tutorialThere’s definitely something rewarding about DIY, whether it be making a costume, doing something crafty with your iPhone case, or even modifying a piece of clothing. You end up with a one of a kind item that you made and hopefully it’s exactly what you wanted. I’m sure like many of you ladies out there, we have acquired lots of extra large geeky shirts from attending all those cons. However, one can only have so many sleeping and workout shirts, right ladies? I attended Star Wars Celebration a while back and even though I failed to get any merchandise at the event, I did end up getting this 3XL tee shortly after at a reasonable price. I especially loved the Craig Drake art on the tee, but didn’t want to be swimming in it. And so, I decided to turn my gigantic tee into a peplum top while making a video tutorial along the way! Check out my Geek Chic DIY after the jump and let me know what you think!

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Floral Mix

Edgy Floral and Stripes outfit

Dressing for spring time means lots of floral print. I don’t know about you, but after a while, florals can get pretty boring and all start to look the same. This is why it’s always good to mix things up and try pairing it with something different. For example, I have always liked the idea of making floral look a little more edgy – feminine edgy as you might call it. Here are a couple of tips on how to make your floral more edgy:

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DIY How to cut a T-shirt – Olympics Edition

Gap Throwback 1984 Los Angeles Olympics Tee

For you girls who have ever picked up any swag T-shirts over the years, you know that it’s pretty rare that the shirt actually fits. Size small? Yeah, right. More like Large and XL! Along the same lines, how many times have you seen a shirt in the store and wish there was a girl version of it? Well, that’s how I felt about this throwback Olympics tee. And instead of wearing it as-is, I decided to girlify it. If you have a pair of scissors, give it a try!

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