Star Wars Celebration Anaheim – Recap!

Han Solo Millenium Falcon - Celebration AnaheimI still can’t believe that it was only about 4 days ago that I was posting about how excited I was about Star Wars Celebration, the new The Force Awakens trailer, and just wanting to be around all the masses of Star Wars fans. I knew that right after seeing the trailer, I felt a wave of regret for not going to the event and by Friday morning, I was already thinking about the possibility of even going at the last minute. Well, with a bit of convincing, some internet luck, and Sunday tickets still available, we hopped in our car Friday night and made our way down south to Celebration Anaheim for the weekend! Woo hoo!!

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Celebrating Star Wars

Junk Food Clothing Star Wars Tank with Quilted Floral skirt

Star Wars Celebration just kicked off and even though I am dying to be there, I’m just going to have to be there in spirit. I mean, how awesome was it that they live streamed the Star Wars: The Force Awakens panel with JJ Abrams and showed us the new trailer? I don’t know about you, but watching the panel, seeing more on set photos, being introduced to BB8 and then seeing the second trailer just made my day literally brought tears to my eyes. I’ve actually been pretty torn about this movie since I’m one of those fans who is trying to avoid spoilers, but at the same time, is dying to see more, but after seeing the new trailer, I can’t wait. How awesome was that intro scene? And what is that chrome Stormtrooper?? So many questions, yet I don’t want any answers. Anyhow, Star Wars Celebration is kicking off, spring is almost here, and there’s just a lot of Star Wars love all around this week! I can’t wait!

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Cosplay Showcase – Arkham City Robin

The Stylish Geek Arkham City Robin CosplayI’m super excited and honored to be Batman Arkham‘s cosplay showcase feature today! I also did a pretty lengthy interview with them as well where I talk about why I chose this cosplay, some of the challenges I faced, and cosplay in general. I know I never really got around to doing a write up of my Arkham City Robin, so hopefully this is the next best thing!

Big thanks to Liam at Rocksteady Studios for the interview, Pat Loika and Estrada Photography for the photos and Slim Summers for the edit!

Thank You, WonderCon!

Honey Lemon Cosplay Wondercon 2015 vsmak_fountain_1024

Photo by Vincent Samaco

While I’m still recovering from WonderCon (cough, cough *con flu*), I wanted to write some quick thoughts about how awesome of a time I had down in Anaheim this weekend. Cosplay has really changed my life and I’m sure some of you other cosplayers have felt it, but there are definitely times when you’re up late at night, touching up some part of a shoe that no one in their right mind would even notice and you’re thinking, “What the heck am I doing and why am I doing this?!” Even though I do it for the love of the craft first and foremost, there are definitely times I get hard on myself or feel like I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Since so much of our lives are online these days, sometimes it’s just a matter of experiencing people’s reactions in person that really encourages me to keep going at it. I was so encouraged by the kids who came up asking to take photos with me or how many people came by to say hi and let me know that they read my teeny tiny blog or have been following my progress on Instagram while making this Honey Lemon cosplay. I guess I’m just trying to saying that I am super thankful to all the friends out there who have supported me on this cosplay journey so yeah… THANKS! Much love to you guys! <:)

Wondercon Panel – Geeks Keepin It Hot!

Geeks Keepin It Hot - Wondercon PanelWondercon is just around the corner and I’ve been invited to be on another fun panel this year! Join me and fellow geeks as we battle it out in the “Geeks Keepin’ It Hot” panel – Saturday, April 4, 3PM in the Elite Ballroom. I’ve never seen a panel like this so you won’t want to miss it!

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Getting High

High Slit Long T-shirt with shorts

I love a good T-shirt, especially one that’s basic, yet not so basic. I mean, is it a shirt, a tunic, a dress, or all of the above? Now that we’re getting quite a few warm days (sorry east coast people), I’m taking full advantage of those days by wearing shorts as much as possible. Plus the extra high slit on this shirt makes it easy to pair it with leggings, shorts, or maybe even a maxi skirt. What are your thoughts on the high slit tees? Easy to wear or not for you?

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Praise the Sun!

Dark Souls Praise the Sun Tank Outfit

When you have enough hobbies like I do in addition to a full time job, it’s always a struggle to find a good chunk of time to play video games. I don’t know about you, but I always feel like I’m one step behind when it comes to keeping up with the latest games! Maybe it’s me getting older or being busy, but it’s been almost a year since I beat Dark Souls and it’s only recently that I just got back into playing Dark Souls 2. Of course, I’m already behind on DS2 since that came out a little over a year ago! And now that I’m somewhat deep into the sequel, out comes Bloodborne, From Software’s latest masochistic game. I’ve already spontaneously purchased the PS4 Bloodborne bundle (eek!), but knowing me, it may be another 6 months before I actually play it! So in celebration of another great release from From Software, today I’m wearing my DIY Dark Souls tank! Praise the Sun!

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