Next Stop, Star Tours

Star Tours Ladies Tee with Skirt

When Disneyland announced that they were renovating Star Tours a few years ago, I knew from that point on that Star Tours was going to be one of my new favorite rides at the park. Even though I can’t ride it over and over like I would like to due to my motion sickness, I’ve still been able to ride it enough to experience all of my favorite Star Wars destinations. I nabbed this shirt shortly after the ride opened and although I love the art and design of the shirt, it is definitely one of my more challenging geeky shirts to wear as it looks more like a “souvenir/vacation” shirt than something I could wear out. However, instead of only wearing this at Disneyland or on weekends, I took it upon myself to try to dress this one up a little. Adding this gold collar necklace is not only a great accessory, but can easily make any T-shirt a little more dressy. And with a skirt and some heels, this easily goes from casual weekend wear to a fun night out!

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Back to Basics

Grey tee and snake print mini zipper skirt

Whenever people ask me what my favorite color is, I always feel a little morbid saying that when it comes to clothing, I love to wear grays and blacks. There’s something about gray that makes me feel really cozy and black has been my go-to color ever since I was a wannabe rebellious teenager. So it should come to no surprise that on days where I can’t decide what to wear, I might just pull out a plain ol’ gray tee and pair it with a black skirt. For those into the “comfy chic” look, here’s another one to add to the books!

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Sweetheart Solutions

Faux Sweetheart Dress by G.Kim StudiosI’ve forever been a fan of sweetheart dresses so when I saw this “faux” sweetheart dress from G.Kim’s latest line, I instantly fell in love. Sweetheart dresses look great on mostly everyone, but for *ahem* smaller chested people such as myself, it can be a challenging to wear them! Talk about pulling up your dress all day long… This dress instantly resolves that problem by looking like a strapless dress, but not really being one! I love solution oriented clothing! And P.S. use code SG914 to save 15% on anything you buy from G.Kim online!

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Phasing Through

Brandy Melville Moon Phase Tank and Skirt

Summer always goes by way too fast. Luckily, living in the warmer part of the Bay Area allows me to wear tanks and skirts even up till October sometimes! Brandy Melville may be every teeny bopper’s dream store, but I’m a fan due to it’s ’90s-meets-modern-day style. I’m especially a fan of their graphic tops, skirts, and basic tees that are super soft and comfy. You might say this moon phase tank totally has me “phasing” out of summer. :D

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Casual Lady Vader

Junk Food Vader tee with hi-low skirtEven when I’m not dressed up as Lady Vader, sometimes I still feel like I’m channeling my inner Vader. I actually wore this outfit the other day to work and someone commented that my skirt looked like a cape. That may sound a little strange, but it actually felt like the perfect compliment considering Vader’s cape is a big part of his dark and looming presence. Even though this skirt is far from terrifying, maybe it’s enough to bring you to the dark side? :D

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Mathematical Fashion

Geometric Top and Textured Midi Skirt

I don’t know if it’s just the math nerd or the fashion geek in me, but I’ve always been drawn to geometric patterned clothing. There’s something very logical about these kind of pieces – from the way the shapes in this blouse fit together like a puzzle or the way the square textures on the skirt are so evenly placed. I even love that the details on these shoes are laser-cut to precision. With all these shapes, patterns, and textures, I figured why not mix them all together? Happy Friday and have a logical and fabulous weekend!

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Vintage Catch

Fish Print Denim Top and Velvet High Rise ShortsThere’s something so fun, vintage, and whimsical about animal prints. It’s actually quite silly if you think about a fish bone printed top being “cute”, but apparently that’s what this is! It might be the print or maybe the rolled up sleeveless cuffs, but this shirt definitely took me back to more of a ’50s inspired look, which is really how the rest of this outfit came to be. I definitely admire those girls who dress in vintage or vintage-like attire all the time, but if your’e like me and just want to add a touch of vintage to your wardrobe, I recommend 3 things to start with – T-strap sandals, red lipstick and something high waisted. So, what are your favorite vintage looks?

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