Stay on Target

Target Floral print skater dress

Fashion can be super exciting – when you find something that fits like a glove, or that exact fan shirt you’ve been searching forever for, or even better, when that item is at an awesome price! I may love fashion, but I’m definitely not a fashion snob. Brand or no brand, I’ve grown to love all sorts of clothing. There are plenty of times when cheaper items I’ve purchased held up just as well as some of my designer items, which just goes to show that quality is everything. 10 years ago, I would have never imagined buying anything fashionable at Target, but they have really stepped up their fashion game with partnerships with big names like Jason Wu and Phillip Lim. I recently found this $12 dress at Target and not only does it fit and feel great, but I especially love the faded flower print. It’s one of those easy “throw on” dresses and is surprisingly becoming one of my go-to pieces this summer. Have you guys ever found any “surprising” pieces like this? I’d love to hear your stories!

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Cooler on the Other Side

Silk Peplum Top and Striped Shorts Outfit

It’s been a crazy week of weather here in the Bay Area with a heat wave, followed by rain, and then followed by another heat wave! With all this hot weather, there’s only one thing on my mind and that’s to keep cool. Deciding that I needed to expand my shorts collection beyond just denim cut offs, I recently found this clean cut pair of striped shorts that I thought would go perfect with a peplum top, especially this light weight silk one. I know this isn’t a very “geeky” outfit per say, but that goes back to my last blog post about there needing to be more nice geeky clothing! Anyhow, with all of this black and white going on, I couldn’t help but throw in a few Star Wars accessories such as this Star Wars ring I picked up from Celebration and this vintage Darth Vader Watch! Happy Friday and stay cool out there!

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Red 5… Standing By

Her Universe X-Wing Embroidered Cardigan Sweater with 1138 Circle SkirtI wore my Warriors T-shirt to work yesterday (Go Warriors!) and someone said to me, “Wow! No Star Wars or comic shirt today?”. I was a bit surprised and thought, “Wow, do I really wear that much geeky stuff?” Don’t get me wrong – I definitely have a lot of geeky shirts, but I do wear non-geeky stuff too! Sometimes a girl needs a good blouse or dress, you know? Which also got me into thinking how unavailable “nice” geeky clothing is for women who do want more than just a T-shirt. Even with the growth of geeky clothing, it’s still pretty rare to find professional looking geeky pieces.  Continue reading

Everyday Cosplay: Asajj Ventress

Everyday Cosplay - Asajj Ventress

I know, I know. Not her lightsaber. This Darth Maul one will have to do.

Now that my episode of Adventure People is live and out in the wild, I can finally share with you the outfit that I was creating during the day of filming! I only recently started watching The Clone Wars and am seriously loving it. This show constantly amazes me with it’s high quality animation, voice acting, and production and I’m really sad that it’s not even airing anymore! One of the most interesting characters to me is Asajj Ventress, especially considering she was a concept villain for the Star Wars prequels, but never made it in. I love the design of her character and immediately wanted to cosplay as her. However, there is one big factor in that she’s bald! The easy solution would be a bald cap, but I have a TON of hair and could probably not even pull off a smooth bald cap. Sigh!! So I did the next best thing, which was creating an “everyday cosplay” outfit themed around her character. I decided to go with her look from season 1 where she has a cut out opening in her top and went from there. Let me know what you think of the final look!

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Totino’s Adventure People – Episode 2: The Stylish Geek!

Totino's Adventure People - Episode 2: The Stylish Geek

EEEEEK!! I’m especially excited today because I can finally share what I was filming with Nerdist the other week! I was contacted a while ago to be in their new web series – Totino’s Adventure People and am so incredibly honored to be in their segment on geek fashion. It was such a pleasure working with them and on top of that, I had the perfect excuse to do more shopping. Hehe. I’m still kinda of freaking out inside that it’s finally out and part of me just wants to crawl into my turtle shell and hide! Anyhow, check out the episode here and let me know what you think!

Party On

Marvel X-Men bodysuit with Hot Pink Scuba Skirt Outfit

It’s sadly that time of year where I get another year older and hopefully another year wiser. Sigh! I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been one of those people who likes birthdays. It’s partially just the weird attention, followed by unsettling expectations, and of course just getting older. However, just like the saying goes – “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”, I also sometimes think that you should dress for the way you want to feel, not the way you actually feel. This hot pink scuba skirt is definitely helping and will for sure help me get my party on this weekend – even if it is reluctantly!

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Everyday Cosplay: Robin

Everyday Cosplay - RobinYou may have been hearing a lot of buzz around “everyday cosplay” and “Disney bounding” lately and wondered what that was. To explain, this is basically a casual take on cosplay where your outfit isn’t a full on costume, but something inspired by that character in either the color scheme, style of clothing, or even a certain prop. Even clothing companies have jumped on this idea by printing what looks like a costume onto a shirt, hoodie, or maybe leggings. Remember those giant T-shirts that had hot bikini bodies printed on them back in the ’80s and ’90s? Well, you get the idea. And then there’s also “Disney bounding” where you are essentially dressing up like Disney characters, but not in full costume. For example,  Continue reading