Get Your Nerd Bunny On!

Unpossible Giveaway -Nerd Bunny Necklace

Summer is here and what better time to do a fun giveaway with my friends at Unpossible Cuts! I will be partnering with them to give away an *exclusive* version of their nerd bunny necklace. This giveaway will only be on Instagram so be sure to follow Unpossible Cuts (and me) to find out more! Good luck!

*Giveaway is for US residents only. One random winner will be selected to receive a nerd bunny necklace from Unpossible Cuts. Contest ends June 20, 2014 midnight PST.

Late in the Game

Legend of Zelda Tank Top and Floral JeansSummer is officially here and with the hot weather, E3 announcements, and cravings for ice tea all the time, I wanted to officially welcome summer with this outfit. I may have grown up gaming like the rest of the kids in the ’80s, played Mario until I got blisters, and run on that Power Pad like there was no tomorrow, but somehow I completely missed playing The Legend of Zelda. Fast forward to last year when I was feeling nostalgic one weekend, found myself a copy of the game, and finally sat down and played through the whole thing on my original NES. Continue reading

Find Me in the Milky Way

Starstuff Clothing Milky Way ShirtNot to feed into the nerd/geek stereotype or anything, but I’ve always loved  science and math – so much so that my second major was math. And one of my favorite shirts that I wore to death until it mysteriously disappeared in a college campus laundry machine was my star constellation shirt. And this wasn’t just any constellation shirt – it also glowed in the dark, which of course made it 10 times cooler. I was never really able to find anything to replace that shirt – that is until I met the creators of Starstuff Clothing who make these amazingly beautiful shirts using actual photos of actual celestial objects! This is no longer just a pretty graphic that was probably photoshopped or possiblly made up, but you’re wearing photos of our actual universe! Even though they have been around for about a year now, they are just wrapping up their first kick starter project so please check them out!

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Slave for Art Nouveau

Black Milk Leia Art Nouveau DressIt’s been a long journey to and from Paris, but I’m finally back! Besides seeing the sites, eating amazing food, and watching the French Open, I made sure to take advantage of the scenery to take some fun photos. Although I would have loved to take some chic “high end” fashion photos, the thought of bringing and wearing heels and nice clothing on a trip where I would be walking on average 8 hours a day, just didn’t make sense. I may love my clothes, but I also like to be a practical traveler and travel light! So when it came down to bringing something that would fit the Parisian setting, the first thing that came to mind was my Adam Hughes art nouveau style Leia print dress.

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Adventures of The Stylish Geek

Eiffel TowerIf you’re not already following me on the internets, then you may be wondering where I’ve been for the past week or so. I’m currently far, far away – all the way in… Paris, France! So if you want to see what I’ve been up to, what I’ve been eating, buying, and even possibly cosplaying, be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook. See you there!

Big Wow Comic Fest 2014 – Recap

Arkham City RobinAnother weekend, another con! I spent my entire weekend at Big Wow Comic Fest and already can’t wait to see what they have in store for next year. Heading over Saturday morning, I was shocked to find the number of people in line to check-in. I swear, the line was probably 10 times longer than it was last year, which just means it’s going to be even more insane next year! On top of that, the floor space had now doubled! But to my relief, panel rooms were large and roomy (no panel camping here!) and I got to attend some really awesome panels with cosplayers and artists that I admire.

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