What to Wear: Valentine’s Day Edition

Geeky Valentine's Day Outfits - Tee FuryValentine’s Day can be one of those holidays that’s both dreaded and loved. There’s the pressure of finding the perfect gift, planning a romantic evening, and sometimes just finding someone to make plans with! With enough to think about during this time of year, hopefully there’s one thing that you won’t have to worry too much about – and that’s the question of what to wear! Today’s I’ve partnered with Tee Fury to bringing you not one, but six fun outfits for those geeky ladies who don’t want to ditch their favorite tees just because it’s Valentine’s Day. Whether you have a date with a significant other or a date with your best friends, hopefully one of these outfits will help you get date ready in no time!

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Not So Plane

Equipment Aerial Plane Print Blouse and Wool Pencil Skirt

Today’s shirt is especially fitting not only because I’m a big fan of cute prints, but also because by the time you read this post, I will probably be on a plane heading to Hawaii! It’s been too long since I took a tropical vacation and I can’t wait to lie on the beach with a drink in one hand and a good book in the other. I’ve already got a 5 page list of places to eat so if you want to follow my food adventures, be sure to follow me on Instagram! Aloha!

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The Skirt is Greener…

Green Midi Skirt and polka dot topIt’s easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to others and that’s definitely one thing I’ve always struggled with. Sometimes doing so is motivating, but at the same time, it can also be discouraging as it might just end up making you feel like you will never be as successful/rich/pretty/etc. as others. Because of this realization, I’m constantly trying to make sure I focus on doing what I like and what I’m passionate about, rather than doing things only because other people expect you to or because you think, “Maybe if I do this, I will be more popular!”. One thing I’ve tried to focus on this week is  Continue reading

Cameo Appearance

Peter Pan Dress and Leia Necklace

Usually when I put together an outfit, jewelry is the thing I put on once I figure out what I’m wearing. But today, it was the complete opposite as I searched for something to wear with this amazing Princess Leia necklace. As I tried to look for something a little more “proper”, I ended up going with this peter pan collared dress to complete the look. I’m definitely a big fan of peter pan collars – and mixed with some vintage inspired jewelry, it’s a nice balance between a little Wednesday Addams youthfulness and old-era fashion.

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Your Vest Friend

Southwestern Vest and Peanuts Shirt

It may seem like I’m always dressing up for work or going out, but when it comes to days where I’m just relaxing or hanging out with friends, I guarantee you that you’ll find me in an outfit like this. I love a good throwback tee and Peanuts definitely takes me back to the days of Sunday comics, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and Vince Guaraldi tunes. Paired with a hooded puffer vest, I’m in my ultimate comfort zone. Vests are definitely one of my go-to items in the winter – they’re warm without the bulk and easily go with everything! What’s your go-to winter item?

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Days of Future Past

Jim Lee Xmen Hoodie with Sheer Blouse and Panel Leggings

You probably know this by now, but I am a sucker for all Jim Lee art. It’s what got me into comics in the first place and to this day, I am still in awe of it (see what happened at SDCC this past summer). I was first exposed to his art in the early ’90s when a friend of mine showed me the X-Men series 2 card set. I had never seen anything like it and was hooked on comics from that point on. Comic art became my new inspiration for drawing and my weekly conversation with the comic shop owner was, “Is there any new Jim Lee stuff?”. Jim Lee has had an amazing career in comics and although everything he draws is gold, some of my favorite art of his is still the relaunch of the X-Men comics – how he made all the heroes look cool and all the women look like sexy badasses. This hoodie definitely celebrates those days and takes me back to some good times when all I cared about was those long summer days, video games, hanging out with friends, and what comics were coming my way. :)

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Dressing up Batman

Preppy Batman Sweatshirt and chambray shirt

Although it’s not impossible to be comfortable and dressed up, it’s something that challenges me on a daily basis. For example, take your basic sweatshirt (or not so basic comic book one), which screams to be worn with some sweatpants or just thrown on with some jeans. I am regularly resisting that urge and trying to find ways to not only wear these kind of tops to work, but also to figure out more than one way to wear them. A collared shirt (such as a chambray shirt) is one of the most basic things you can wear under a geeky sweatshirt or top to dress it up.  And for a slightly dressier touch, try some statement jewelry or dressier bottoms such as trousers, a skirt, or these tuxedo stripe pants. So what kind of challenges do you guys have wearing geeky stuff to work? Are there any geeky items that you find difficult to dress up?

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