Not Enough Corgis

Corgi Print Shirt and Theory Leather trim Blazer

All of my friends know how much I love Corgis. And lately, it seems like Corgis are all over the internet. Once more popular for being the Queen’s royal dogs, they are now adored all over the internet, even becoming a meme! So when one of my friends saw this Corgi print shirt at Urban Outfitters, I received a slew of enthusiastic messages notifying me about this top! And even though I lost my dear Dobi earlier this year, seeing these little corgis running around all over this shirt still brings back great memories of Dobi, Ein, and reminds me that I still have another little odd looking corgi “mix” to love (who also apparently likes to get in all my shots!).

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Han Solo Holster Tutorial – How to Wet Form Leather

Han Solo holster tutorial - how to wet form leatherAnyone who has done leather crafting knows that it can be tedious, frustrating, or even painful. But like most things that take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, it’s all worth it in the end when you have a beautifully crafted piece. I’ve now made two holsters from scratch and wanted to share a quick tutorial on how to wet form leather to make your own holster or leather pieces. The idea of wet forming leather is just to get the leather into the shape that you want (box shape, gun shape, etc) and hopefully these tips can help you get started!

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Visit to the Star Wars Exhibit – Where Science Meets Imagination

Han Solo Star Wars where Science Meets Imagination - San Jose Tech Museum exhibitWhen I found out that there was going to be a Star Wars exhibit coming to the Bay Area, specifically the San Jose Tech Museum, I knew I was going to have to check it out ASAP. And while reading up on it, I was even more excited to find out that there was going to be a full sized Millennium Falcon set there – something called the “Millennium Falcon experience”. I had no idea what that would entail, but the prospect of me being able to take a few awesome photos inside a Millennium Falcon was motivating enough to decide to make a somewhat new cosplay just to wear to the exhibit. Having already made the ANH Han Solo a couple years back, I had always wanted to re-do the holster/belt properly with my new found leather crafting skills. So with that began my latest cosplay quest to make the Empire Strikes Back version of Han Solo. The second time around was definitely easier (write up coming soon!), but making that holster was still very challenging. In fact, I’ve heard from most Han cosplayers that that holster is quite a pain in the Wookie. Anyhow, if you can’t make it out to this exhibit, I pretty much captured the whole thing on camera. More pics after the jump!

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Fully Operational Outfit

Black Milk Star Wars Death Star Dress Outfit

As a fan of Black Milk’s entire line of Star Wars items, I’ve had this Death Star dress for a while now. And I’m not sure about you, but I’ve always found it a little challenging when it comes to how to wear something so eye-catching outside of the convention halls and into the “normal” public. With the way the dresses are shown on the Black Milk site, it’s hard to get ideas on what to wear with them. Well, I took that as a challenge and here’s what I came up with. What do you wear with your BM dresses? Comment below and share your favorite things to wear with BM stuff!

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Effortless TGIF Style

Junk Food Star Wars Tank and Free People Oversized TGIF cardigan

I love a good comfy sweater and it only seemed fitting that this sweater, appropriately with style name “TGIF”, be worn in today’s post. Free People is known for their laid back boho style and this oversized cardigan makes me feel like I’m being wrapped in a blanket all day. And with it’s hi-lo style (short front, long back), it’s not only modern, but also effortless. To keep the look just as casual as the sweater, I paired it with my vintage art Star Wars tank, some faded skinnies, and Victorian inspired lace up boots. Hopefully with this kind of outfit, you’ll look like you just rolled out of bed on a Friday looking casual, but stylish! Happy Friday, everyone!

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Not So Simple in Sherlock Shorts

Topshop Scallop Top and Velvet print shorts

With season 3 of Sherlock ending just as quickly as it started, I definitely had Sherlock on the mind when I bought these shorts. Trouser style shorts can get pretty boring after a while so I love that these are not only patterned, but also textured in a nice velvety fabric. And as different as Sherlock and Watson can be, I decided to experiment with a little mixing and matching of patterns over blacks and whites. Not exactly “elementary” if you ask me, but still fun to wear!

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Fun & Flirty in Star Wars

Star Wars Crop top and floral skirt outfitIn celebration of Valentine’s Day, I decided today’s outfit had to be a bit fun and flirty! I’m not really one to show much skin, but I suddenly didn’t seem to care when I saw this amazing R2-D2 centered crop top. And as for the flirty part, you can’t go wrong with a floral skirt, especially one with a little bit of poof underneath.  Hope your v-day is filled with love!

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