Gears of War Speed Pumpkin Carving

This is my final post about pumpkins this year, I promise! Anyhow, I recorded myself doing the whole pumpkin carving and was able to edit it down 6 hours into 5 minutes of speed carving. Apologies for the video quality since I’m using my Macbook camera, but oh well. Next year will be even better!

Gears of War Locust Pumpkin – Part 2

Gears of War Locust Pumpkin

Since posting my pumpkins online the other day, a few people have asked about what it looks like lit up. I actually didn’t even consider emptying it out to light it b/c usually with these 3D pumpkins, the skin is so thick that light doesn’t show up that well.

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Facehugger Pumpkin

Facehugger Pumpkin

This year I was inspired to make an Aliens themed pumpkin. I was too chicken to watch the Alien movies when I was a kid so the first time I actually watched these movies was in high school. I recently decided to watch Alien and Aliens again and realized how much I enjoyed these movies. So with that, I decided to make a Facehugger pumpkin.