Beware of Sharks

Finders Keepers Hold On DressThe first time I saw the Finders Keepers Hold On Dress online, I was not convinced. However the folds, cut-outs, and unique textures were enough for me to want to try it out anyways. I’m not sure if it’s because the folding patterns on the bust reminded me of some sort of modern skeletal structure or even shark’s teeth, but when I finally saw it in person, I loved it. The rigid structure on the bust and the flouncy skirt make this the perfect balance of edgy femininity. And to keep with that edginess, I thought it would be fitting to pair this with some motorcycle ankle boots and of course, my shark tooth necklace.

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Suede Ankle Boots

I have been wanting some flat ankle boots for a while now and recently purchased two! First is this pair of Nine West Peroxy boots in a grey suede. I purchased these at Nordstrom Rack and immediately fell in love. They look great with leggings or skinny jeans and of course, they are grey so they fit right into my collection of dull grey clothing. :) On top of that, I shopped for an entire day in the city and my feet didn’t have a single complaint.

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Review: Jeffrey Campbell East Village Booties

Jeffrey Campbell East Village Booties

Just got these Jeffrey Campbell East Village booties from Gilt. I really like them, but they are incredibly thin. We’re talking like one piece of leather for most of the boot! The outside is a nice soft leather and then you basically see the suede part on the inside of the boot. So needless to say, they are a bit thin and flimsy for a boot. Continue reading