The Not-So-Classic Oversized Shirt Dress

Volcom Not So Classic Oversized Shirt Dress

I know we’ve all had those days where all you want to do is through on a huge T-shirt and walk out the door. Well, this Volcom Not-so-Classic Oversized Shirt Dress is the remedy for those days. It may look like one giant shirt, but it actually has some really nice detail with the lightweight fabric, wider arm openings, and slightly longer back hem. And with a skinny belt, some jewelry and the right shoes, you’ve now just transformed this shapeless sack to a modern, but comfortable dress!

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Running in Paradise

Tropical Womens Shorts OutfitYou know those vacation homes where all the furniture is make of wicker and the seat cushions have some sort of leaf, palm tree, or flower print? Well, that’s exactly what I thought of when I saw these cute tropical print shorts. They not only remind me of furniture print, but they also remind me of Florida – the palm trees, humid weather, and retired community where grandpas are probably wearing this exact print! I especially found these shorts intriguing with their ’70s style running shorts cut and drawstring waist. I decided to pair this outfit with my fun bright pink rainy day flats that are actually made of the same material as rain boots! I think I’m ready for my vacation now!

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Life’s a Beach

Maxi Skirt and sweater vest

On days like today where it’s gloomy, cold, and also Monday, it’s nice to have an outfit like this to remind you of a more relaxing time – like going to the beach! I usually am not big on maxi skirts, but I loved this striped on from Hurley that can also be worn as a dress. Pairing it with just a plain old t-shirt and a very loud neon pink bag makes it perfect to wear in the summer time.

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Easy DIY: Make your own Denim Capris!

James Perse Spring Sweater and Denim Capris

Thank goodness for weekends. I wanted to start this weekend off with a very easy and quick tutorial on making your own capris. I went thrift shopping the other week and found a great pair of Paper Denim and Cloth jeans for only $8! They were only 1 size too large but still fit me fine. And since the inseam was already too short for me, I decided to make these into capris after realizing that I don’t have any denim capris at the moment! Read on for more instructions.

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