*NEW* in the Gallery – Lady Vader Cosplay!

Lady Vader - Female Darth Vader by The Stylish GeekI’m still sorting through all my swag, toys, new statues, and other random stuff I picked up from my trip down south, but I wanted to take a second to update my Cosplay Gallery! Check out some of my Lady Vader pics here!

Han Solo Cosplay Tutorial: Han’s Belt and Holster (Part 2.5 of 3)

Han Solo Holster Belt Cosplay Tutorial

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Pants and Shirt
Belt Buckles, Accessories and Gun

Apologies that this belt tutorial is going to come in two parts, but I just found that there is so much to go over! This tutorial will cover most of the leather parts and what pattern I used for Han Solo’s gun holster and belt.

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Han Solo Cosplay Tutorial: Han’s Vest (Part 2 of 3)

Female Han Solo by Victor Gamez

Photo by Victor Gamez Copyright © 2012 Victor Gamez. All rights reserved. View full set here.

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Pants and Shirt
Holster and Belt
Belt Buckles, Accessories and Gun

I knew that the key to a convincing vest was finding the right type of material. I decided to hit up some thrift shops and just see what was out there. Specifically, I was looking for something in a stiff black fabric that would give it the rugged and outdoorsy look – maybe something like canvas or khaki. And I wanted to make sure the material wasn’t flimsy like a windbreaker or too thin of a cotton. Although I found a few pieces that might work, I decided on this black peacoat and was pretty confident that I could turn it into a vest.

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Big Wow Comic Fest Recap


This gallery contains 11 photos.

Granted that I didn’t get to attend Wondercon since it was all the way in Anaheim this year, I was really itching to go to some comic event before the big San Diego convention. Thank goodness for the Big Wow … Continue reading

Cosplay Tutorial: Wonderflex Headpiece

Now, onto the part of the cosplay that I was dreading – making the She-Ra crown/headpiece. How would this stay on the entire day? Would it make my wig fall off? Could I wear this without looking ridiculously foolish? I definitely did not want to discover my photo on the Cosplay Hall of Shame sites. Continue reading

Cosplay Tutorial: Wonderflex Arm Bands!

While researching what type of material to use for armor, I came across Kamui Cosplay’s blog, which blew me away! Her craftsmanship and attention to detail is amazing and her WOW cosplays are to die for! Turns out she uses a lot of Wonderflex in her costumes. So after doing some reading up on the stuff, I decided to buy a large roll of Wonderflex (free shipping too) since I figured it might come in handy for future cosplays. Continue reading

Cosplay Tutorial: Boot Covers

So my first order of business for starting my She-Ra cosplay was to make boot covers.  I actually thought this would be a simple task consisting of 1) some spandex fabric 2) making 2 pieces and sewing it in a boot shape 3) wearing it like a sock over an old pair of high boots. Well, apparently finding gold spandex fabric is much harder than I thought. Had I known that, I would have ordered some through Spandex World!

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