Feline Fine

Cat Cloak Cat Tights Velvet Skirt

Do you ever just have one of those weeks where you’re just in a funk? My week started off with food poisoning for 2 days, followed by yet another 3 month cancer check up the next day (which was all clear in case you’re wondering). But I think it’s always after the check up where I usually feel a bit down. Continue reading

Go Rogue

I Rebel tank Jordan Dene with Rogue One loungefly tote

There are plenty of quotes that any Star Wars fan can easily identify – “I love you” followed by “I know”, “Never tell me the odds” and “I have a bad feeling about this” just to name a few. However, when the initial Rogue One teaser trailer came out, there was definitely one quote that gave me the chills – when Jyn Erso confidently said, “I rebel”. We didn’t know much about her character at the time – was she really going to help the rebellion or would she turn to the dark side? Hopefully by now you’ve watched Rogue One and loved it as much as I did and maybe you noticed, but the quote “I rebel” (along with a few other scenes from the trailers) never made the final cut! Even if that’s the case, I still love that line and designer Jordan Dene has perfectly captured it on this “I Rebel” tank. Now you can feel as badass as Jyn whenever you wear it. Paired with my new Rogue One tote from Loungefly, I’m definitely ready to go rogue.

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Lost Corgis

Corgi Print Dress

No, I’m not wearing a dress covered in loaves of bread. Those short blobs of cuteness are in fact corgis! Made by Kira Kira Doodles, I picked up this dress during Stan Lee Comic Con the other month and I have to say, it’s had quite a journey. I had purchased the dress on the first night of the con and stored it away (or so I thought) for the rest of the weekend. A few days later while unpacking from my trip, I could not for the life of me find that dress! I contacted Uber (maybe I left it in the car?) and harassed my Airbnb host to keep checking his apartment, to the point where he started to ignore my messages. Then I remembered that the last time I saw it was on the night I purchased it while eating dinner at a Korean restaurant! Could I have left my dress there?

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Postcards from Jakku

Her Universe Rey Shirt and Laser Cut Skirt

There’s something very geometric and almost mathematical about laser cut clothing. Maybe it’s the precision, symmetry, or just the aesthetic of it, who knows. I just know that my logical mind loves to wear it! I recently picked up this laser cut skirt and immediately knew it would go perfectly with my new Rey shirt from Her Universe. If you haven’t seen their latest line of tees, be sure to check them out! I love that they all have a more feminine design aesthetic and this one even reminds me of a postcard that I might receive from someone on Jakku that might say “Hi from Jakku! BB-8 says hello!” ^.^ Continue reading

Talk ’90s to Me

Nerdy Pattern 90s shirt and Tweed Skirt

It’s obvious that I love clothes, but I really love clothes that awaken a sense of nostalgia or emotions. So when I first saw this shirt, I was immediately taken back to the ’90s à la Saved by the Bell. For some reason, it reminded me of what a stereotypical geek might have worn in the ’90s and when I thought about it even more, I realized why! This was basically a Screech shirt! Ok, so maybe it’s not as crazy as something Screech might have worn, but I loved the patterns enough to pair it with this tweed skirt (one with suspenders no less!). We geeks may not have been cool back then, but we sure got style now!

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X-Files Reopened

Tee Fury X-Files Shirt outfitEver since I went to the 20th anniversary X-Files panel at SDCC almost three years ago, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for any sort of announcement for a 3rd movie or maybe even some new episodes. Well, those seeking the truth got our wish this year when Chris Carter gave us SIX brand new episodes (the finale being last night), giving us a just a tiny reminder of how awesome this show is. As a fan since the early ’90s, watching it live again brought me back to those late Friday nights where I would intensely watch the show alone, grasping on to every alien and government conspiracy as if I were also an FBI agent. And without the internet back then, Continue reading

Out of Hibernation

R2D2 Scarf and Plaid Tunic

When people ask me how I’m doing these days, I tell them that one of the best things about recovering has been getting my taste buds back. For someone who loves food and sweets, it’s been incredibly hard these past few months to bite into something and have it taste like cardboard! You would think that not being able to taste food would make you eat less, but I think it unfortunately had the opposite effect! My cravings for sugar and especially salt made me want to reach for everything, in hopes that there was a small chance that maybe I could taste that item instead of it being a bland disappointment. Of course all this eating (on top of all the drugs they gave me) has made me want to just wear tunics, leggings, and cover myself up with cute scarves like this R2D2 one! Hopefully I’ll be able to hide behind this “hibernation weight” for now, but in the meantime, it’s time to hit the gym!

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