Cosplay Gallery Updates!

Nathan Drake and Zombie Princess Bubblegum CosplayI finally got around to editing and adding pics of my Nathan Drake and Zombie Princess Bubblegum cosplay! I have such great memories wearing both of these to Wondercon. With Drake, it meant so much to me when people noticed my leather craftsmanship and shared their love of Uncharted with me. For PB, I loved that kids would point to me and say “It’s Princess Bubblegum!!” and sometimes get a little scared once seeing that I had a zombie face. Hope you enjoy these as much as I did wearing them!

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Cosplay Update – Wondercon 2013

Zombie Princess Bubblegum cosplayAnother cosplay update! Wondercon is less than two weeks away and no matter how much advance prepping I do, it always seems to be down to the wire. I’m especially busy since I’ll be traveling prior to Wondercon and need to make sure everything is wrapped up before next week. Eek!

Since my last update, I’ve been wrapping up my Nathan Drake cosplay and sort of just starting out on my Princess Bubblegum cosplay. I finally got around to cutting my PB wig and started testing out some makeup for her zombified look. Yup, as you can tell, I’ll be cosplaying zombie Princess Bubblegum, complete with grey skin and lab coat. I’m hoping that I can shock a few people with my creepy PB look, especially since I’ll just look like a typical PB from behind. hehe.

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Ready For Adventure

Female Nathan Drake Uncharted Cosplay Outfit

People deal with stress in many different ways. Besides retail therapy, which I truly believe works, I will once in a while just lock myself in a room for an entire weekend and play video games. I recently had one of those weekends and decided that my game of choice was going to be the original Uncharted. I have been a huge fan of the Uncharted series (read my review of Uncharted 3 here), but had never played the first installment in the series. I decided to pick it up and have a little mini marathon over the weekend to finish it. You would think that having played #2 and #3 first would make this one less enjoyable, but I was pleasantly surprised that I had just as much playing this one as I did their sequels.

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