Gallery Nucleus – A Saga in the Stars

Gallery Nucleus Saga in Stars Exhibit

So while I was in the LA area on previously mentioned Disneyland mini vacation, I decided to spend a free day visiting local comic book shops as well as one of my favorite art galleries – Gallery Nucleus. To my delight, they had a Star Wars exhibit going on, which just seemed too good to be true. Although it ended last weekend, make sure to check out their event schedule as they always have something fun going on!

With that, here are some of my favorite pieces from the exhibit!

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Book Review: The Great Showdowns by Scott C

Great Showdowns Scott C Cover ArtI knew that there was something special about Scott Campbell’s art the minute I saw it. I think some of the first pieces I remember seeing were the LOST showdowns and the collection of Spider-Man doing weird stuff. Fun, cute, nostalgia, maybe even kiddish are the words I would use to describe his style. So when the folks at Titan Books asked if I would like a copy of his latest book, The Great Showdowns, I said “HELLZ YES!”, did a happy dance, and waited patiently for my copy.

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Scott C's Showdowns - raiders of the lost ark

Speaking of Scott Campbell’s amazing art, if you’re not familiar with his Famous Showdowns series, I’ve posted a few of my favorites. He has this geeky way of expressing all the movies I’ve ever loved as a kid and as a huge ’80s movies fan, I can’t get enough of his pop culture references. I think one of my favorites by far is the Raiders of the Lost Ark one. He really captured the crazy look on Toht’s face when they open the Ark.

Zombie in Love by Scott C.


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