Red 5… Standing By

Her Universe X-Wing Embroidered Cardigan Sweater with 1138 Circle SkirtI wore my Warriors T-shirt to work yesterday (Go Warriors!) and someone said to me, “Wow! No Star Wars or comic shirt today?”. I was a bit surprised and thought, “Wow, do I really wear that much geeky stuff?” Don’t get me wrong – I definitely have a lot of geeky shirts, but I do wear non-geeky stuff too! Sometimes a girl needs a good blouse or dress, you know? Which also got me into thinking how unavailable “nice” geeky clothing is for women who do want more than just a T-shirt. Even with the growth of geeky clothing, it’s still pretty rare to find professional looking geeky pieces.  Continue reading

Ahead of Time in Her Universe

Her Universe Stormtrooper dress

The rise of geeky girl clothing has been amazing over the past ten years. What was once impossible to find your favorite TV show, movie, or video game on a girl sized shirt is now so easily available. Ashlie Eckstein saw potential in geeky girl clothing early on and spawned Her Universe, a sci-fi focused clothing brand for women. I remember my first Her Universe purchase clearly at SDCC many years ago. A cool looking Star Wars hoodie in my size?? I couldn’t believe my eyes! And to this day, that hoodie still remains one of my favorite Star Wars hoodies that I own. Since then, Her Universe has gone from just a store on the con floor to a very well known brand and today’s outfit post features one of their incredible dresses!

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Confessions from the Con Floor – What Was I Wearing?

Star Wars Bed Sheet Skirt DIY and Star Wars Rebel Alliance

Although most of my memories at SDCC bring back visions of me in a head to toe padded  black Darth Vader suit, I actually did get around to wearing some of my fun geeky stuff on the con floor! These are the times I get to wear my favorite geek chic items (and maybe ones that I feel like I can’t wear to work) and I love it. If you’re wondering what I was wearing when not being Lady Vader, read on!

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