Armored Apparel

Sheer Lace dress - wedding outfitI just realized it’s nearly the end of summer and I haven’t done my typical yearly wedding outfit post! Even if wedding season is almost over, this year I’ve been pretty inspired by armor (both seeing it in person in Paris and making armor for my Dragonslayer Ornstein cosplay) and with that, you’ll understand why I am loving this lace dress. The front lace designs remind me of something that might be on a shield or some medieval wear and the long sleeves make this dress something you could wear all year round. With so many weddings and so many dresses, it’s always nice to find something a little different. So, what is your go-to wedding outfit?

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Two Looks, One Shirt

Silk White Collared shirt outfitI know people say that every good closet needs it’s “10 basic pieces” that you could revolve your entire wardrobe around, but I’ve never been one for “basics”. I love patterns, textures, and out of the ordinary clothes. But ever since I got this off-white silk collared shirt from Club Monaco, I knew that this could potentially be one of my “basics” if I ever decided to put that list together. It’s not only super comfortable, but versatile as any white or off-white collared shirt should be.


Shades of Black – The All Black Outfit

DVF Giovanna Lace Top and L.A.M.B. Pencil Skirt

I admit I can go a little overboard with wearing an all black outfit sometimes since it’s one of my favorite colors. However, when I saw this Diane Von Furstenberg Giovanna top, which reminded me of a mix of lace and spiderwebs, I knew I wanted to pair it with a black pencil skirt. And L.A.M.B. makes some of the most figure flattering pencil skirts I have ever seen. After that, it just turned into a continuation of black, black, and more black, even to the point where I decided to wear my sheer heart dot tights! And this House of Harlow 1960 black leather cuff that I just received from Gilt seemed equally fitting so why not throw that in?

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Cool in Corduroy

Club Monaco Pocket Silk Shirt

Growing up, corduroy has always reminded me of the ’70s, old furniture, and blazers with elbow patches. But thanks to new fabrics, spandex, and stores like Forever 21, corduroy can be fun, comfortable, and stylish once again. And just because it’s spring doesn’t mean you need to wear pink, yellow, or light blue pants. Red or orange skinny pants work all year round and look just as good in the fall as they do in the summer.

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