Turning Japanese

Floral Pants and Lace Striped Shirt w/Samantha Vega purseI never know what to say when someone asks me “What’s your style?”. I really love all sorts of style – punk, goth, girly, preppy, geeky, menswear inspired, etc. It’s really hard to pick one! That’s why when I see a certain style I like, I get inspired and immediately feel the desire to dress a certain way. For example, today’s outfit was inspired after reading a bunch of Japanese fashion magazines. I went a little crazy buying clothes there on my last visit and recently acquired a few more gifts from there, mainly this Samantha Vega purse. If you’re ever looking for a girly girl purse, Samantha Vega is definitely the way to go. Sometimes their stuff can be a little over the top with ribbons, bows, and giant plush purse charms, but you can always count on them to have very kawaii purses. Also, it happens to be perfect for my Brony pin!

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Japanese Winter Fashion

After experiencing the madness of Shibuya 109, I started putting together a mental list of big trends I had seen there and in the many magazines I browsed. Given that fashion moves so fast in Japan, I’m sure this list will be out of date by the time you read it.

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Japanese Fashion – Shibuya 109

To understand Japanese fashion, I must first tell you about this amazing place called Shibuya 109. Oh, but first a side note – since Japanese fashion is such a broad subject, I am mainly just talking about the teens/20s fashion culture of Japan, the “gyaru” girls and such.

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An Intro to Japanese Fashion

I spent my holidays in Taipei, Taiwan and Tokyo, Japan and I have to say it was like a fashion wake-up call. Even though I am a big follower of Japanese fashion mags, it was a totally different experience being there. I’ve always been really fascinated with Japanese fashion culture so get ready for my next few entries to be about Japanese fashion. :) Continue reading