In the Navy

Blue Striped Dress and Grey Cardigan

There is something about stripes that makes them perfect for any season. However, there is something about navy and white stripes that makes them timeless. Even though this color combo will always fall under the “nautical” look in the fashion world, there seem to be a million ways to mix things up every year to make the look even more modern. Take for example this hi lo dress that mixes classic stripes with this season’s latest hemline. I love that a simple dress like this could take you from day time sight seeing to a nice dinner by the water.

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Keeping it casual

Joie blouse and denim shorts outfitFor someone so prone to dropping food on themselves, I should never wear any color that comes close to white.  It’s true. Most of my shirts have some stain or another. That’s why my secret is to wear dark and patterned shirts! However when I saw this Joie “Eleanor” blouse, I knew I had to have it. But I also knew that any time I ate in this, I would have to wear 3-4 bibs to protect myself. :)

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Item of the day – Jcrew Rainy Day Flats

Jcrew Rainy Day Flats

My shoes seem to be causing a lot of commotion today. Maybe I am exaggerating a little, but I am getting a lot of comments on them. Although I do wear a lot of drab colors like grey, black, and blues, it’s nice to have a splash of something bright once in a while. Continue reading