Celebrate Good Times

Star Wars Junk Food Tank and Maxi Dress

Well, I survived the FOMO of Star Wars Celebration. Last week was definitely a struggle not getting to be there, but thank goodness for friends who kept me up to date and lots of  streaming! Who else found themselves in tears watching The Last Jedi trailer?? Honestly, I think at this point, every Star Wars trailer is going to make me cry. Haha. I was so grateful that they decided to show the trailer on the stream (unlike Rogue One) and although I can’t say it gave me as many chills as The Force Awakens, I think everyone is wondering what it means. I’m not going to speculate too much as I still love the element of surprise, but I seriously can’t wait! Continue reading

Star Wars Summers

Junk Food Star wars tank top and cutoff shorts

With today being the last day of September (and maybe me still trying to hold on to the warm California weather), today’s outfit features yet another favorite piece from Junk Food Clothing. Although you can find Junk Food shirts here and there online, I have a tip to share with you. One of the best places to find some really unique Star Wars pieces from Junk Food is actually in Disneyland! Both the Star Trader store in Disneyland and the D Street store in Downtown Disney carry a variety of unique Star Wars tees, hoodies, and tanks that most of the time are not sold anywhere else. This unfortunately means that the one I’m wearing is not sold online, but maybe now you’ll have an excuse to hit up Disneyland!
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