Beachy Keen

May the force be with you tank top and chambray shirt

It feels like summer started only yesterday – I was still making my Her Universe Fashion Show dress, planning for Comic-Con, and just enjoying the beginning of hot weather. Now that it’s already mid-August, I’m coming to the realization that summer is almost over and that I better enjoy all the sun while I can! One of my summer go-to items (besides obvious things like tanks and shorts) is actually the chambray shirt. It’s a great alternative for when the sun goes down and you need something to keep you warm, but not too warm. With my beach bag in hand and a breezy chambray, I’m just about ready to hit the beach! Now, if only I could find a beach where the water isn’t freezing…

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New Years Uniform

Peter Pan Collar top and Brandy Melville Skirt

For every major holiday there is a proportionally equivalent sale. Over the break, I’ve been doing what I do best – hunt for deals! And lately when I go shopping, I’ve practically been wearing a go-to uniform of a cute top, skirt, and cardigan. It’s not completely ideal for trying on pants, but for everything else, it’s a breeze. And to make it a bit more casual (and because I’m too lazy to do my hair while on holiday), why not throw on a beanie? Here’s to many great shopping finds in 2014! Happy New Year!

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Color in Your Work Wear

Outfit - Blazer and Kate Spade striped laptop case“What am I going to wear to work today?”.

Being surrounded by casually dressed engineers in California sometimes has it’s downside. I find myself getting “lazy” in my style choices and not always going for the more polished and professional look. Flats usually win over heels. Sometimes I wish the dress code were more like my friends who work in the financial districts of New York, but hey, the grass is always greener, right?  Continue reading