Whose Side Are You On?

Captain America Varsity Jacket

With Marvel churning out so many super hero movies these days, I have to admit, it’s been a while since I’ve been this excited to see one. To be honest, I was actually starting to lose interest on the Iron Man, Thor, Avengers, and Captain America fronts. Sad, I know! Hands down, my favorite Marvel movie is still Guardians of the Galaxy, followed by almost anything X-Men (so excited for Age of Apocalypse!!). However, word has been getting around and I’ve been hearing nothing but great things about Captain America: Civil War. Hopefully it lives up to the hype and I can’t wait to see it this weekend! Seeing as I’ve got both sides covered on the fashion front, it’s time to decide – whose side will I be on??

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Groovy Deals

Black Widow Ringer Tee and Flared Corduroy PantsI wanted to take a quick mental break from Star Wars today to actually wear and enjoy some of the fun stuff I got from Black Friday shopping! Among the many things I purchased, I made sure to take full advantage the “$10 for all tees” sale at Hot Topic and picked up this vintage style Black Widow tee, even more appealing because of the ringer neck. I love it’s old school similarities to shirts I wore when I was a kid. And no matter how many skinny jeans I own, I still love an awesome flare pant, especially these corduroy ones (also on sale!). Paired together, I thought they were a fabulous and groovy outfit that could take me from a casual day of shopping to dinner and drinks with friends.

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Another Year, Another Disneyland Outfit

Junk Food Empires Strikes Back shirt and tribal shorts

I’m finally back and recovered from Disneyland! I’m also sadly one year older. Sigh! Attempting 24 hours at Disneyland was crazy. I think we ended up spending something like 16 hours there, and even though we didn’t survive the entire 24 hours (we only made it until 3am), I had a blast! Parades at midnight, breakfast burritos, dance parties, TV crews, and people dressed up in costumes and even in their pajamas! It was an amazing experience, but I will probably never do it again! I definitely felt like a zombie once midnight passed and the drive home was torture. But with that, I wanted to share my Disneyland outfit of the day! Happy Friday!

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