Going to E3 2013 and What to Wear – The Stylish Geek Edition

Going to e3 2013 forbes articleWhen I first read this Forbes article on what to wear for E3, I was pretty disappointed. I admit that the outfit with the blazer plus company/gaming/geek tee was a great idea, though not the exact pieces I might have chosen. But going sort of “punk” to a S.T.E.A.M. Punk (Science.Technology. Engineering, Art, Math) E3 party was ridiculous. The writer obviously didn’t do her research (probably because she didn’t know steampunk was a “thing”) and it was offensive to geeks everywhere.  Note that the original outfit has since been removed due to all the negative comments, but can be seen hereThe easiest way to offend geeky people is to misuse something that is near and dear to them – for eg, using a Vulcan Salute at a Star Wars convention or saying something like “Isn’t Star Wars and Star Trek the same thing?”.

I have been to plenty of E3s and from a fashion standpoint, you really get a wide variety of people- Continue reading