Cosplay Tutorial: Boot Covers

So my first order of business for starting my She-Ra cosplay was to make boot covers.  I actually thought this would be a simple task consisting of 1) some spandex fabric 2) making 2 pieces and sewing it in a boot shape 3) wearing it like a sock over an old pair of high boots. Well, apparently finding gold spandex fabric is much harder than I thought. Had I known that, I would have ordered some through Spandex World!

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Pikachu Cosplay Tutorial and Wondercon 2011

Wondercon 2011- Pikachu Cosplay
After a super fun Friday at Wondercon, I had no problem waking up bright and early for another geek filled day. But instead of putting on yet another Star Wars T-shirt, today I was going as… dun dun da dahh… PIKACHU! Here’s my original concept art for it. Professional, I know! Continue reading