Halloween Basics

Wednesday Addams black dress

Happy Halloween! If there’s one dress you might want to own for this time of year, it’s the basics black dress with a Peter Pan collar. You can dress it up goth, cutesy, or even become Wednesday Addams in an instant. It looks cute with heels and tights or even some long socks and military boots. And to accessorize, you can even put a cute pin on the chest or collar like I did. Hot Topic seems to come out with a version of this dress all the time so grab one while you can!

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Cameo Appearance

Peter Pan Dress and Leia Necklace

Usually when I put together an outfit, jewelry is the thing I put on once I figure out what I’m wearing. But today, it was the complete opposite as I searched for something to wear with this amazing Princess Leia necklace. As I tried to look for something a little more “proper”, I ended up going with this peter pan collared dress to complete the look. I’m definitely a big fan of peter pan collars – and mixed with some vintage inspired jewelry, it’s a nice balance between a little Wednesday Addams youthfulness and old-era fashion.

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The Collared Shift Dress – For British Royalty or Wednesday Addams?

Topshop Collared Shift DressI’m not sure about you, but the first thing I thought of when I saw this dress was Wednesday Addams. I may have been way too young to remember, but I still have distant yet fond memories of seeing The Addams Family re-runs on TV. I had even more appreciation for the show after the movie remake, especially since Christina Ricci fit the role of Wednesday Addams perfectly! Hence why I was so drawn to this particular dress. However, upon further Google search, it appears that this dress is actually now associated and was made famous when Kate Middleton wore it (with baby bump too)! I honestly had no idea, but I guess that explains why the dress flew off the shelves quickly. Well, even if you’re a Wednesday Addams or a Kate Middleton type – I guess it just proves that this dress could look great on anyone!

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