In the Navy

Blue Striped Dress and Grey Cardigan

There is something about stripes that makes them perfect for any season. However, there is something about navy and white stripes that makes them timeless. Even though this color combo will always fall under the “nautical” look in the fashion world, there seem to be a million ways to mix things up every year to make the look even more modern. Take for example this hi lo dress that mixes classic stripes with this season’s latest hemline. I love that a simple dress like this could take you from day time sight seeing to a nice dinner by the water.

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Scalloped Lines and Laser Cuts

Scalloped Tank and Pencil Skirt

Ever since I saw this laser-cut scalloped top at Club Monaco, I have been on a mission to find something similar. Fast forward many weeks to a wedding in So Cal where I stopped by a small boutique called Heavenly Couture in Laguna Beach where apparently everything in the store was $15! I didn’t think twice to buy this top and am actually relieved that it isn’t silk so I won’t have yet another thing to worry about dry cleaning! I love that this tank can be worn dressed up for down and has interesting “hole punch” details throughout.

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Rockin the Blues

Leather Motorcycle Jacket and Tulip skirt

The tough rocker chick look may come and go, but to me, it’s always been one of my favorites. I love pieces that have a slight edge – whether it be this drapey silk tank with “chain mail” rings or this motorcycle jacket with zipper details. When pairing things like a rocker top or motorcycle jacket, I like to always be sure to add some feminine details. For example, the flowy cut of this skirt or the high heels adds balance to the outfit so that it’s still tough, but not too tough.

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Denim and Tights: Bringing Back the ’90s!

Peter Pan collar blouse Denim Shorts with Black Tights

Happy June! Coincidentally, my sister’s name is also June. I remember admiring my sister back in the ’90s when all her and her high school friends wore denim shorts with black tights underneath. They looked so cool. Unfortunately by the time I got to high school, it was an entirely different era. But like most trends, they can come back at any time! I loved these lace tights I found at Banana Republic Republic and although they are a bit racy, I thought the conservative top with the peter pan collar created a nice balance to the outfit.

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