Armored Apparel

Sheer Lace dress - wedding outfitI just realized it’s nearly the end of summer and I haven’t done my typical yearly wedding outfit post! Even if wedding season is almost over, this year I’ve been pretty inspired by armor (both seeing it in person in Paris and making armor for my Dragonslayer Ornstein cosplay) and with that, you’ll understand why I am loving this lace dress. The front lace designs remind me of something that might be on a shield or some medieval wear and the long sleeves make this dress something you could wear all year round. With so many weddings and so many dresses, it’s always nice to find something a little different. So, what is your go-to wedding outfit?

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Wedding Stampede

Elephant Print Strapless DressWedding season is upon us! Even though I have been to a ton of weddings, every time I go to one, I still have to ask myself, “What should I wear?” When it comes to attending weddings, there are definitely some rules to follow – you want to look nice, but not outshine the bride. You want to dress for warm weather, but not be too skimpy. And then there are unsaid rules such as “never wear white to a wedding” (unless your white dress doesn’t really look white) and what about black? What’s the rule on wearing black? I don’t have the answer to all of these, but I will be providing some ideas so that hopefully it will make your decision easier next time you’re wondering, “What should I wear?”

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Exception to the Wedding Rule

H&M Floral Strapless DressAhh… wedding season. Looks like I will making good use of my closet of dresses since I have 5 weddings over the next 3 months. I know the general rule is “never wear white to a wedding”, but I thought this dress was an exception to that rule.