For the Honor of Grayskull…. I AM SHE-RA!

SDCC - she-ra sword

It’s only one day after San Diego Comic Con 2011 and I am already missing it. Being She-Ra was amazing and for once, I actually did not mind stopping for pictures (the kids were the cutest!). I loved that people told me I brought them back to their childhood and that tons of women stopped me to tell me She-Ra was their hero.Overall, I was pretty happy with the way my cosplay turned out. The only uncomfortable bit was the wig since I have never worn a wig before! Maybe next time, I will go as Asian She-Ra. :)

For the Honor of GraySkull.... I AM SHE-RA!

Unfortunately I had to be “casual summer She-Ra” on Friday due to a foot injury, but I was better enough by Saturday to wear my gold boots! Surprisingly the bottom of the boots actually lasted all the walking I did. I will probably have to re-glue some of the fabric down there, but they held up pretty well!

Casual summer She-Ra cosplay

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  1. Your tutorial was a big help for me, I made a She-ra costume last month and it turned out pretty good. First time cosplaying.
    Valjean13 on Instagram if you’d like to see a couple pics of it!

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