Cosplay Gallery

Dragon Slayer Ornstein (Dark Souls) [San Diego Comic Con 2014]

WIP pics and full writeup here.

Psylocke (’80s version) [San Diego Comic Con 2014]

(L) Armored Psylocke cosplayed by Tiff (honeyboba). Costume made by LeelaBluePins.

(R) Pink suit Psylocke cosplayed by me. Full writeup here.

Abbey Chase (Danger Girl Comics) [Big Wow Comic Fest 2014]

Robin (Batman: Arkham City) [WonderCon 2014, Big Wow Comic Fest 2014]

Han Solo (Empire Strikes Back/Bespin version) [2014]

Shirt/Jacket Tutorial
Wet Forming Leather (Holster Tutorial)

Darth Vader (female version) [San Diego Comic Con, 2013 | New York Comic Con, 2013] – based on this artwork

Tutorial and full writeup available here.

Han Solo (female crossplay) [Big Wow Comic Fest, May 2013][San Diego Comic Con, July 2012]

Tutorial and full writeup available here -

Pants and Shirt
*NEW* Updated Leather Holster
Holster and Belt
Belt Buckles, Accessories and Gun




Zombie Princess Bubblegum [Wondercon, April 2013]

Princess Bubblegum crown tutorial available here.

Female Nathan Drake [Wondercon, April 2013]

Work in Progress photos/tutorials available here and here.

Adventure Time – Finn the Human [October 2012]

Finn hat tutorial. Finn backpack tutorial.

Zombie Doll [October 2012]

Zombie makeup write up available here.

She-Ra Princess of Power [San Diego Comic Con, July 2011]

Tutorials available here -

Pikachu [Wondercon, April 2011]

Tutorial available here.

American McGee’s Alice [San Diego Comic Con, July 2010]

Female Robin [San Diego Comic Con, July 2009]

7 thoughts on “Cosplay Gallery

  1. it’s hard to decide who would win in a fight, American McGee’s Alice or Han Solo.
    or maybe Pikachu would just show up and electrocute everyone.

    btw, that Slave Leia & Han Solo crossplay is SMOKIN’! never before has the princess-rendered-slave been so ravishingly hot and that scoundrel of a captain been so dashing~ >[:p

  2. What did you do for Han’s holster? I, too, wanted to do a female Han Solo, and I can’t find the holster anywhere, except for stupid amounts of money. I don’t know how to do leatherwork, I was just curious what you did. :)

  3. My daughter loves watching my old 80′s cartoons so this year we made her Jem from Jem and the Holograms costume. She wanted to be She-ra but I found this too late. Maybe next year thanks to you.

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