Cosplay Gallery

Rocket Raccoon (Guardians of the Galaxy movie version) [Comikaze 2014]

Dragon Slayer Ornstein (Dark Souls) [San Diego Comic Con 2014]

WIP pics and full writeup here.

Psylocke (’80s version) [San Diego Comic Con 2014]

(L) Armored Psylocke cosplayed by Tiff (honeyboba). Costume made by LeelaBluePins.

(R) Pink suit Psylocke cosplayed by me. Full writeup here.

Abbey Chase (Danger Girl Comics) [Big Wow Comic Fest 2014]

Robin (Batman: Arkham City) [WonderCon 2014, Big Wow Comic Fest 2014]

Han Solo (Empire Strikes Back/Bespin version) [2014]

Shirt/Jacket Tutorial
Wet Forming Leather (Holster Tutorial)

Darth Vader (female version) [San Diego Comic Con, 2013 | New York Comic Con, 2013] – based on this artwork

Tutorial and full writeup available here.

Han Solo (female crossplay) [Big Wow Comic Fest, May 2013][San Diego Comic Con, July 2012]

Tutorial and full writeup available here -

Pants and Shirt
*NEW* Updated Leather Holster
Holster and Belt
Belt Buckles, Accessories and Gun

Zombie Princess Bubblegum [Wondercon, April 2013]

Princess Bubblegum crown tutorial available here.

Female Nathan Drake [Wondercon, April 2013]

Work in Progress photos/tutorials available here and here.

Adventure Time – Finn the Human [October 2012]

Finn hat tutorial. Finn backpack tutorial.

Zombie Doll [October 2012]

Zombie makeup write up available here.

She-Ra Princess of Power [San Diego Comic Con, July 2011]

Tutorials available here -

Pikachu [Wondercon, April 2011]

Tutorial available here.

American McGee’s Alice [San Diego Comic Con, July 2010]

Female Robin [San Diego Comic Con, July 2009]

9 thoughts on “Cosplay Gallery

  1. it’s hard to decide who would win in a fight, American McGee’s Alice or Han Solo.
    or maybe Pikachu would just show up and electrocute everyone.

    btw, that Slave Leia & Han Solo crossplay is SMOKIN’! never before has the princess-rendered-slave been so ravishingly hot and that scoundrel of a captain been so dashing~ >[:p

  2. What did you do for Han’s holster? I, too, wanted to do a female Han Solo, and I can’t find the holster anywhere, except for stupid amounts of money. I don’t know how to do leatherwork, I was just curious what you did. :)

  3. My daughter loves watching my old 80′s cartoons so this year we made her Jem from Jem and the Holograms costume. She wanted to be She-ra but I found this too late. Maybe next year thanks to you.

      • My daughter wanted to do She-ra too and this year we are thanks to this. Last year she was JEM and since she is only 7 we improvised. we took the hot pink super girl costume from target. used a seam ripper and took off the S on the front. Cut one of the boot covers and sewed it to the belt to make the hanging parts from her belt and used blue fabric puff paint on the belt to make the design I took red sparkly craft foam cut into the 7 point star glued on a pair of clip on earings and pink hair spray color as she was blond and a pair of cheep pink sparkle shoes found at target and a microphone found in the Halloween department.

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