The Invasion is Over

Space Invaders Shirt with Tulle SkirtToday marks a pretty special day for me as I am officially 3 weeks past my last chemo treatment! To explain the significance of “3 weeks”, my chemo regimen was every 3 weeks and it would usually take just about 3 weeks for my body to heal in between treatments. Which also meant by the time I started to feel a little more normal again, it was time for another treatment. BUT today is different since I have no more chemo!! :D :D :D When I was diagnosed 5 months ago, I couldn’t imagine going through all of this, nor did I think I even had the strength to. Continue reading

Normal Days

Snoopy Tee and Plaid Shirt

With me being on medical leave for the past couple months, my days of dressing nice are few and far between. Nowadays you can find me sporting whatever is comfortable, whether it be my favorite pair of jeans, leggings, a soft flannel shirt, or a comfy tee. And while I could be sitting around in pajamas some days, my inner fashionista is still eager to wear something interesting! I actually long for the days where I have somewhere to go, someone to see, and an excuse to dress up. While I know I have bigger fish to fry at the moment, it’s nice to sometimes worry about the little things. Sometimes you just need to feel normal once in a while, you know? Continue reading

All Ears

Turtleneck and Corduroy Circle Skirt

I love beanies in the winter. But considering that I’m rarely seen without one in public these days has made them almost as mundane as wearing socks (although socks can be quite fun sometimes). Sure, it’s perfect right now because of the cold weather, but the challenge comes when I want to wear something nicer. A beanie doesn’t exactly go that well with a fancy dress, know what I mean? And as fun as wigs can be, they are uncomfortable and a hassle to deal with. My mind is always swirling with thoughts of “Is it on straight? Are hairs sticking out? Man, it’s hot!”. I know I’ll definitely have to suck it up once I have to attend a nicer event like a dinner or a wedding, but for now, I’ve been growing my collection of beanies, starting with this one. So I might ask the question – at what age is it too old to have a beanie with ears? There may come a time where I have to put my ears away and face the facts! But for now, my answer is, “You’re never too old!” and I will continue to wear these ears upright and with a smile.

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Sugar Rush

We Love Fine Princess Bubblegum Cardigan Outfit

Today’s outfit is definitely one of those that represent the way I want to feel versus the way I actually feel. It’s been a pretty rough week of sickness for me and I’ve been passing the time with lots of reading, sleeping, and TV watching (Downton Abbey, Project Runway Junior, and Teen Titans Go!). There have been times this week where I haven’t even been able to get off the couch so being able to have the energy to write is a great feeling! Even though I’m a frequent wearer of black, I was immediately drawn to this Princess Bubblegum inspired cardigan as it gave me visions of sunshine, rainbows, and the Candy Kingdom. This is exactly what I needed this week to give give me a boost in my spirits and I’m hoping by next week, my insides will match my outsides! Till then, I’ll be getting lots of rest and getting ready to have a mini-celebration once I start feeling back to normal!

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Into the Trenches

Trench Coat Vest with Shorts and Suspender Tights

As I enjoy this time before my 4th and last chemo treatment next week, I’m faced with not only excitement, but also many worries and fears about my future. It may seem like things are finally “over”, but there’s still a laundry list of things I’ll need to deal with such as hormone treatments, residual side effects such as fatigue, and overall just trying to feel like myself again. I met with the doctor this week and went in thinking this would be an easy visit and that he would congratulate me on almost being done. Instead, I was asked a series of questions about the next steps in my treatment and left the office feeling more stressed than I needed to be. Continue reading

Fit with the Force

Star Wars Crop Top with Moto Jacket

This may sound like another familiar New Year resolution, but I have been determined to get in shape as much as possible these past couple of weeks. Before you freak out that I’m trying to lose weight (because I seem to get that reaction whenever I tell people I need to work out), let me explain myself. After going through a pretty rough patch during my last round of chemo, I just felt the need to get my body in better shape before my next round. Many have mentioned that exercise supposedly helps – and I did notice I felt better after my 2nd round versus my 3rd maybe because I exercised more? Who knows. Either way, I’ve been super diligent about working out when I can and even pushed my introverted self to a few fitness classes. Eek! Of course working out sometimes requires some motivation Continue reading

New Year, New Do

Star Wars Bodysuit Outfit

Happy New Year!! Ok, I’m about 6 days late, but better late than never. So besides this amazing Star Wars bodysuit that I’m wearing, you might also notice I’m wearing a wig in today’s outfit! No matter how many times I’ve worn costumes or cosplay wigs out in public, for some reason, wearing wigs during this season of my life makes me incredibly self conscious! Go figure. I know, it’s probably just me since I’ve been reassured many times that I look fine in a wig, Continue reading