Tokidoki x Peanuts

Tokidoki x peanuts SDCC shirt with Neoprene skirtSo of course you can’t go to Comic-Con without buying some cool stuff. I may have way too many geeky tees, but that doesn’t stop me from buying more! The Tokidoki and Peanuts brands have always been popular items at SDCC, so it just makes sense that a Tokidoki x Peanuts crossover was bound to happen! This isn’t the first time they’ve collaborated, however, this is the first time that I’ve actually been able to get something since they are always sold out! I’ve been really interested in clothes made of neoprene lately (basically scuba fabric if you think about it) and love the feel and structure that the fabric creates. This neoprene “mesh” adds a whole new dimension to the look and I thought it would be the perfect compliment to Tokidoki’s “alternative” style!

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San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Recap – BEST CON EVER!

SDCC 2015In my expert opinion, it takes about 8 days to get over SDCC. You spend about 2-3 days being dead tired and pretty depressed. You’ve not only walked 10 times more than you normally do, but you’ve left this place of stimulation overload and gone back to sitting at a desk trying to figure out how to do your job again. This is also known  as “con depression”. Continue reading

SDCC 2015 – Her Universe Fashion Show – “She is Groot”

She is Groot - Her Universe Geek Fashion Show SDCC 2015

If you really think about it, I’ve spent the past 2 months preparing for a one minute walk down the runway. It’s crazy, but true. Now that the Her Universe Fashion Show is over, I can finally relax and post the progress photos that I’ve been dying to share these past couple of months! As you know, I absolutely loved Guardians of the Galaxy – as seen in my handmade baby Groot statue and my Rocket Raccoon cosplay. So when I saw the news about the Her Universe Fashion Show submissions, the first thing that came to mind was a Groot gown. Continue reading

Get SDCC Chic!

(null)Today I’m partnering with Lindz and Victoria (Scruffy Rebel), the stylish ladies at Set To Stunning for a special San Diego Comic-Con post! They’re doing a special series on being “SDCChic” and today’s outfits are styled by me. There’s day to night outfits as well as everyday cosplay so check them out here!

Everyday Cosplay – Honey Lemon! <3

Everyday Cosplay Honey Lemon - Big Hero 6It’s always a little extra stressful, but exciting this time of year, as SDCC is right around the corner! There’s the anticipation of getting into panels (Hall H anyone?), buying exclusives, finishing up cosplay or in my case, finishing up my garment for the Her Universe Geek Couture Fashion Show. And on top of all of that, I still have to figure out what to wear! If you’re a little stuck like I always am on what to wear, my friends at Set To Stunning are doing a special series on being “SDCChic” so check it out! While I’m still figuring out what to wear myself to SDCC, I wanted to post another “everyday cosplay” look that you may have seen me wear on my Nerdist episode the other month. Since I had spent quite some time photoshopping Honey Lemon’s periodic table to make her bag, I figured why not also print it onto a shirt? I’ve actually gotten a few requests to maybe sell this tank top, so stay tuned! There may be a “stylish geek” Etsy store coming soon! With the rise in geek fashion, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of everyday cosplay at SDCC this year. What are YOU going to wear?

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Minty Fresh

Stormtrooper floral tank and flowy skirt

Happy Friday!! I know what you’re thinking. “Another floral outfit??” Well, I’m not just talking about your typical floral dress here. I’ve been seeing a lot of creative floral tops (with stripes for example) and this Stormtrooper tank from Fifth Sun is yet another fun spin on the use of florals. It’s also  girly, fun, and perfect with a flowy pastel colored skirt. Wear it on a hot summer day or even pair it with a blazer or moto jacket for a nighttime look!

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Conservative Crop

Floral Crop Top and Maxi Skirt

I’ve been in a very floral mood lately and picking up a lot of fun pieces along the way. I don’t know about you, but I have a love/hate relationship with crop tops. For one thing, I’m not 16 anymore, so it’s not exactly a piece I can wear every day to work. However, I love the way it looks, especially with the right pieces such as a high waisted skirt or shorts, or even a maxi skirt. Every time I’m shopping, I have to resist buying them because I know they aren’t practical yet at the same time, the fashion addict in me wants more! First world problems, right? In today’s outfit, I’m doing my best to wear a crop top while still trying to keep it more on the conservative side. I mean, if you think about it, how much skin are you actually showing in this kind of outfit? Barely any! What do you think about crop tops? Loving the trend or resisting the temptation?

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