Summer of X

X-Men bodysuit and Denim Pencil Skirt

It’s officially summer! I wanted to ring in the start of summer with a fun outfit, wearing one of my favorite comic book tops (although technically a bodysuit). This is also fitting since I’ve been working on my Psylocke cosplay for San Diego Comic-Con, but more to come on that later. I’m definitely excited to be an X-Men and especially a Marvel fan right now with all the upcoming movies going on and especially with James Gunn announcing Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will have a presence at SDCC this year! I haven’t decided if I will be camping out two nights in a row, assuming Game of Thrones is on a Friday again, so I may have to enjoy the panel vicariously through my friends. Only 3 more weeks to go!!

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Postcards from Jakku

Her Universe Rey Shirt and Laser Cut Skirt

There’s something very geometric and almost mathematical about laser cut clothing. Maybe it’s the precision, symmetry, or just the aesthetic of it, who knows. I just know that my logical mind loves to wear it! I recently picked up this laser cut skirt and immediately knew it would go perfectly with my new Rey shirt from Her Universe. If you haven’t seen their latest line of tees, be sure to check them out! I love that they all have a more feminine design aesthetic and this one even reminds me of a postcard that I might receive from someone on Jakku that might say “Hi from Jakku! BB-8 says hello!” ^.^ Continue reading

The Bomb: DIY Star Wars Bomber Jacket

Rogue One Shirt and Star Wars Bomber JacketIf you’re a clothing addict and avid shopper like myself, then you’ve probably noticed some new trends popping up for spring/summer. For me, I’ve been seeing a ton of off-the-shoulder tops and dresses, midi culottes and skirts, the continuing trend of crop tops, and last but not least, the bomber jacket. I know that trends come and go, but sometimes there’s certain ones that really catch my eye.

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The Princess is in Another Castle

Super Mario Scarf and Chambray Dress

Despite growing up playing on the NES and the Super Mario Bros series being one of my favorite game series, I never really felt connected with Mario or Princess Peach as characters. In fact, my favorite character was probably Yoshi once he showed up in Super Mario Wold. He was just so damn cute and I loved all the varieties of Yoshis in that game (especially in the Secret Area). Either way, my neutral feelings towards Mario and Peach didn’t stop me from falling in love with this month’s Level Up Your Style crate, which had this awesome scarf inside (plus some sweet Mario socks). Even though I typically don’t love “flashy” stuff, the print on this scarf is fairly subtle and in my opinion looks especially cute with chambray, which makes it a perfect accessory for summer!

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Weekend Getaway

Hot Topic BB-8 Dress and BB-8 Mickey Ears

The new BB-8 Mickey hat goes perfectly with my dress, no?

Every year I get asked what I want to do for my birthday and every year, I completely dread that day. I hate the attention, the pressure of having a “great day” and I have never enjoyed being sung to. Usually I go into hiding around this time and thank goodness for Memorial Day because my birthday usually falls over that 3 day period, but this year I decided to really get away from things by spending my bday at Disneyland! With all I have to celebrate, I was feeling incredible grateful to be present, healthy, and I couldn’t wait to just go there and do whatever, eat whatever, and have a good time.

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Sweet Music

Everyday Cosplay Guardians of the Galaxy Jacket

Speaking of good health, I just had my 3 month check up yesterday and I’m happy to say that all is well! I was actually quite nervous going into the appointment (going to the doctors pretty much every 2 weeks for 6 months will do that to you) and I was even dreading that moment I knew I had to step on that scale for my “official” weight! Eek! Well, I’m happy to report I lost about 9 pounds since my last visit (HOORAY!), my blood work was normal, and my oncologist thinks I’m handling my current medication pretty well. I felt such a huge relief that I just wanted to celebrate for the rest of the day by wearing something super upbeat like this Guardians of the Galaxy inspired outfit! :D I know this is one of many check ups in my lifetime, but for me, it was the first step towards the future.

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Game of Fashion

Game of Thrones inspired outfit

With Game of Thrones season 6 in full swing and last week’s episode having some “tears of joy” worthy moments, it’s only fitting that today’s post be a fun tribute to the show. I’m not going full on medieval or anything, but I found that when I was putting together this outfit, each piece I chose became more and more themed. For example, I love that this high slit tunic reminds me of Brienne of Tarth or that these leggings could belong in the realm of the Three-eyed-raven. And doesn’t this cuff remind you of our favorite Mother of Dragons?? Anyhow, I’m super excited about this season so far and can’t wait to see what happens! Hopefully more good than bad, but then again you never know with this show… And if you’re itching for more Game of Thrones fashion, check out Valentino’s fall show, which almost looks straight out of the show!

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