Star Wars Celebration Anaheim – Recap!

Han Solo Millenium Falcon - Celebration AnaheimI still can’t believe that it was only about 4 days ago that I was posting about how excited I was about Star Wars Celebration, the new The Force Awakens trailer, and just wanting to be around all the masses of Star Wars fans. I knew that right after seeing the trailer, I felt a wave of regret for not going to the event and by Friday morning, I was already thinking about the possibility of even going at the last minute. Well, with a bit of convincing, some internet luck, and Sunday tickets still available, we hopped in our car Friday night and made our way down south to Celebration Anaheim for the weekend! Woo hoo!!

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Celebrating Star Wars

Junk Food Clothing Star Wars Tank with Quilted Floral skirt

Star Wars Celebration just kicked off and even though I am dying to be there, I’m just going to have to be there in spirit. I mean, how awesome was it that they live streamed the Star Wars: The Force Awakens panel with JJ Abrams and showed us the new trailer? I don’t know about you, but watching the panel, seeing more on set photos, being introduced to BB8 and then seeing the second trailer just made my day literally brought tears to my eyes. I’ve actually been pretty torn about this movie since I’m one of those fans who is trying to avoid spoilers, but at the same time, is dying to see more, but after seeing the new trailer, I can’t wait. How awesome was that intro scene? And what is that chrome Stormtrooper?? So many questions, yet I don’t want any answers. Anyhow, Star Wars Celebration is kicking off, spring is almost here, and there’s just a lot of Star Wars love all around this week! I can’t wait!

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Winter Space Station

BlackMilk Death Star DressIt happens every year when the weather gets colder – I put away my geeky tees and tanks and it’s on to sweaters, sweaters, and more sweaters. Since most of my geeky wear is definitely more summer related, it’s always a challenge to figure out new ways to incorporate those items into a cold weather wardrobe. Sometimes it’s just a matter of wearing something in a different way – take for example this Black Milk Death Star dress that I am wearing as a top. I always forget that dresses can sometimes make great separates and that they are a “fully operational” wardrobe piece. Do you guys have any secret tips for wearing things in creative ways?

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Bringing Balance to the Force

Madewell crop sweater and Star Wars bed sheet skirt

I’m on a roll with fun skirts and it’s been much too long since I’ve worn this Star Wars skirt, made out of the original vintage bed sheets! I made this skirt a few years back and it’s been gathering way too much dust! Although there are quite a few licensed Star Wars fabrics, this is still by far my favorite one since it looks more like a painting and a little less “cartoony”. However, being a very eye-catching print, I still wanted to keep this outfit balanced and not wear anything too busy on top. Paired with a cute crop sweater or even a basic white tee, it’s all about bringing balance to the force. :D

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Roses are Red

Star Wars Crop top with Gap Floral Skrit

Valentine’s Day may have just passed, but I sense with all the extra Valentine’s candy that’s been showing up at work, love might still be in the air? Even though I purchased this skirt back in December, it was practically screaming to be worn around Valentine’s Day with all the red and pink floral. Paired with another “love” of mine, it’s the perfect romance of Star Wars and fashion!

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What to Wear: Valentine’s Day Edition

Geeky Valentine's Day Outfits - Tee FuryValentine’s Day can be one of those holidays that’s both dreaded and loved. There’s the pressure of finding the perfect gift, planning a romantic evening, and sometimes just finding someone to make plans with! With enough to think about during this time of year, hopefully there’s one thing that you won’t have to worry too much about – and that’s the question of what to wear! Today’s I’ve partnered with Tee Fury to bringing you not one, but six fun outfits for those geeky ladies who don’t want to ditch their favorite tees just because it’s Valentine’s Day. Whether you have a date with a significant other or a date with your best friends, hopefully one of these outfits will help you get date ready in no time!

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The Skirt is Greener…

Green Midi Skirt and polka dot topIt’s easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to others and that’s definitely one thing I’ve always struggled with. Sometimes doing so is motivating, but at the same time, it can also be discouraging as it might just end up making you feel like you will never be as successful/rich/pretty/etc. as others. Because of this realization, I’m constantly trying to make sure I focus on doing what I like and what I’m passionate about, rather than doing things only because other people expect you to or because you think, “Maybe if I do this, I will be more popular!”. One thing I’ve tried to focus on this week is  Continue reading