Big Wow Comic Fest 2014 – Recap

Arkham City RobinAnother weekend, another con! I spent my entire weekend at Big Wow Comic Fest and already can’t wait to see what they have in store for next year. Heading over Saturday morning, I was shocked to find the number of people in line to check-in. I swear, the line was probably 10 times longer than it was last year, which just means it’s going to be even more insane next year! On top of that, the floor space had now doubled! But to my relief, panel rooms were large and roomy (no panel camping here!) and I got to attend some really awesome panels with cosplayers and artists that I admire.

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This Weekend – Big Wow Comic Fest 2014!

Big Wow Comic Fest 2014

Big Wow Comic Fest is this weekend and if you’re a fan of cosplay like I am, you definitely don’t want to miss this. They have some top notch cosplayer guests (Riddle, Jessica Nigri, Linda Le, Monika Lee, Abby Darkstar just to name a few) and have quite a lot of cosplay-centered panels throughout the weekend. Even the cast of Heroes of Cosplay will be there! Of course, I will be there dressed up as Arkham City Robin and maybe something new. Hope to see you there!

WonderCon 2014 Recap

Wondercon 2014 pics

I may say this all the time, but this year’s Wondercon was truly different than other cons that I have experienced in the past. Not only was I in my first panel, but what made this a truly fun experience was getting to meet some of you guys – my readers and those familiar with this blog and my cosplay work. I was so flattered and really humbled to have met so many great people and it was so encouraging to me to finally put some faces to those “likes”. To my readers, followers, and fans (I still cringe at that word to think I might have “fans”), thank you so much for your support, feedback, and always encouraging me in my work.

No recap is complete without pics, so on with the photos!

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Wondercon 2014 – Battle For Multicultural Heroes Panel

Battle for Multicultural Heroes panel Wondercon 2014If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I typically write up a little recap after every convention I attend including photos, panels I went to, and just general con-fun. What makes this post extra special to me was that instead of just attending panels, I was actually in one! I’m still pretty amazed that Tony Kim (founder of Crazy4ComicCon) asked me to be in his Battle for Multicultural Heroes panel and although I was quite nervous leading up to it, once I saw a few words, all the nerves completely went away. We discussed everything from Continue reading

Wondercon 2014 – Cosplay Reveal!

With Wondercon just around the corner, today’s “outfit” features some very interesting accessories. For example, a girl’s gotta have her gloves…

Robin Arkham City Gloves

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The Stylish Geek + The Geek Speak Show!

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Henry from The Geek Speak Show and discuss the upcoming panel that I’ll be in this weekend at Wondercon - The Battle For Multicultural Heroes. Check out my interview below! For the full podcast (“The Warm-up to Wondercon 2014″, listen to it here). It’s going to be a great discussion with Tony Kim (Crazy4ComicCon), Andre Meadows (Black Nerd Comedy), and clinical psychologist Dr. Andrea Letamendi (Under the Mask) so hope to see you there!

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