Cosplay Tutorial: She-Ra Dress

Now that I’ve given a tutorial about making the armor and She-Ra head piece using Wonderflex, it’s time for the basics – the She-Ra dress! Back in May, I was going through my old closet in my parent’s house and found this awesome dress that I wore back in the ’90s and decided to try it on for fun. Well, although it was extremely snug, an idea for my next cosplay was born. Two months later, I was cutting all the poof and lace off the dress and shortening it about 24 inches.

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Cosplay Tutorial: Wonderflex Headpiece

Now, onto the part of the cosplay that I was dreading – making the She-Ra crown/headpiece. How would this stay on the entire day? Would it make my wig fall off? Could I wear this without looking ridiculously foolish? I definitely did not want to discover my photo on the Cosplay Hall of Shame sites. Continue reading

For the Honor of Grayskull…. I AM SHE-RA!

SDCC - she-ra sword

It’s only one day after San Diego Comic Con 2011 and I am already missing it. Being She-Ra was amazing and for once, I actually did not mind stopping for pictures (the kids were the cutest!). I loved that people told me I brought them back to their childhood and that tons of women stopped me to tell me She-Ra was their hero. Continue reading