Interview with Refinery29

Emily Ong - The Stylish Geek - Refinery29 As a long time Star Wars nut, you can imagine how excited I was when a Refinery29 contacted me for an interview about my favorite topic – Star Wars. They initially  wanted to know about my collection of Star Wars stuff, which I was happy to share. Over the past 20 years or so, I have ended up with some pretty strange stuff – from an oozing Jabba the Hutt toy, vintage Star Wars records, and most currently, some amazing Star Wars loafers. Although much of my collection didn’t make the final cut, I wanted to post a few here since as any collector will tell you, they’re pretty proud of their collection. Check out the article here and click to see some of my favorite pieces from my collection!

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The Droid I’m Looking For

The Force Awakens BB-8 Jacket Outfit I can’t believe we are only days away from The Force Awakens, which means Star Wars all week! With the cold weather in full force, I’m so excited for the variety of Star Wars jackets that have been coming out, especially this BB-8 one! I wore this casually last weekend at The Force Awakens pin event in Hollywood and today I’m trying it out a little more dressed up. Get ready for lots of Star Wars this week!!

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Black Friday 2015

blackfriday2015Being the shopper and deal hunter that I am, it’s time for my annual list of Black Friday deals! Shop on!

For the geek chic:

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Cosplay For a Cure – Last Week to Order!


Just a quick heads up that this is the last week that you can order prints! They are just about ready to be printed and I hope to send them out soon. This is the first time I’m doing this so I hope I get all the orders right! ;) And if you don’t want a print, but still want to support the cause, I also have a fundraiser page set up here. Anything helps and thanks so much for your support! <3

Cosplay for a Cure – Store Now Open!

storeenvy_bannerThank you everyone who shared, commented, and took my poll! Everyone has been super supportive through all of this and I’m happy to announce that my cosplay print store is officially OPEN! I spent all weekend researching and figuring out how exactly to run one of these things and I’m super excited to get started! Again, all proceeds will be going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. While I do also believe in supporting early detection, I wanted the main purpose of my donation to be research. Considering 1 in 8 women will get it, don’t you think it’s about time we found a cure?

Prints will only be available to order for 2 weeks only so order soon! And if you want to help the cause, but maybe don’t want a print, feel free to donate directly to my fundraiser. Thank you everyone for the support!

Cosplay for a Cure

Cosplay prints for Breast Cancer Research

*UPDATE! Thanks to your votes, the store is now open here! Order away!!*

If there’s anything “good” about having cancer or being sick, it’s realizing how many people care about you. Just when I was feeling very accepting of my situation and feeling like I was ready to share my situation with the internets, in came a flood of responses to my last post. Many of you shared your own personal struggles with your health as well as experiences caring for loved ones and I thank you for that. I was and still am overwhelmed with all the kindness and love that has come my way. Many of your responses brought tears to my eyes and I can’t help but feel so inspired and encouraged through all of the kind words from friends and family (that includes you!).

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My Inner Vixen

Everyday corset belt with skirt

If you’ve ever been to a comic convention, then you’ll know that corsets and geeky girls seem to go hand in hand. I’m not sure if it’s the love of cosplay, steampunk, or pirate obsessions, but if we’re talking about geek girl wardrobe staples, a corset is not a bad thing to own. I never thought I would be able to wear one as a “casual” accessory until I found this one from The Violet Vixen. I may have been summoning my inner pirate here, but I just though it looked great with this striped tee and flared skirt! Also, I couldn’t help but go for a more steampunk style since I loved the straps, buckles, zipper, and well, everything about it. They have so many styles that it’s so hard to choose from! Be sure to check out their shop as well as this interview I did with them!

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