Zombie Weekend

Zombie Pumpkin FaceAround this time of year, I get into a super crafty mood. But as a semi-part-time cosplayer, I am surprisingly not making costumes before Halloween. My main event in October is carving pumpkins. I started getting into this a few years ago when I saw a friend take it to a whole new level. Since then, I’ve tried to challenge myself year after year to make something more fun, more scary, or more crazy. And since I had such a zombie filled weekend (Walking Dead Season 3 premier anyone??), I felt inspired to make a zombie pumpkin. This is only the first of a few, so stay tuned for more! I haven’t decided what I’ll carve next, but you can definitely expect something fun.

Walking Dead Zombie Pumpkin w/Cleaver - extreme 3d pumpkin carvingWalking Dead Zombie Pumpkin w/Cleaver - extreme 3d pumpkin carving

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