Battle Souvenirs

Floral bomber souvenir jacket with vegan leather skirt

I never knew why these were called “Souvenir Jackets”, but apparently it’s because American soldiers in Japan started to embroider Asian symbols (like dragons, cherry blossoms, etc.) onto their jackets as “souvenirs” for their trip home after WWII. Regardless of their origin, I’ve been loving these bomber style jackets as a summer and fall trend and wearing one just made me wonder what would be my post-battle “souvenir” (or maybe more like “war wound” for me) since I just had my 6 month post chemo check-up? I mean, I have plenty of scars and enough bodily changes to remind me of what I went through but maybe my real “souvenir” will have to come later in the form of a tattoo? Maybe?? Hehe. So although my check up was fine, Continue reading

Back to the Park

Disney Boutique Mickey Floral tee outfit

It’s back to school season and even though I am long beyond ever going back to school, today I felt like a kid again in my Disney tee, jeans, and sneakers. I don’t often wear Mickey stuff outside of Disneyland, but I loved the design on this one so much that I made an exception. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always felt that a lot of the women’s apparel at the Disney parks could use a bit of a makeover – in fact, even for this tee, I decided to remove the polka dot pocket because I thought it was a little too much. No matter how much I love being there, I’ve always felt that much of their women’s clothing could use a bit of sprucing up for the contemporary Disney fan girl. What do you think?

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King of Summer

We Love Fine Ice King Tropical Blouse

Today’s look is brought to you all the way from the Ice Kingdom! The Ice King is one of the more interesting characters in Adventure Time and you can’t help but like him and at the same time feel bad for and sometimes grossed out by him. Plus his back story with Marceline just gets me every time. :( This was another fun top I picked up from the We Love Fine booth at SDCC (now available on their website) and I thought they did a great job turning the Ice King and Gunther into a fun Hawaiian print. I’m going from work to weekend in today’s post and honestly love both looks. Which one is your favorite?

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Pool of Friends

We Love Fine Deadpool DressSDCC might have been two weeks ago, but it’s definitely still on my mind. It almost feels like it was all a dream – the anticipation leading up to preview night, the anxiety of trying to get those special tickets in order to buy exclusive toys, and the major FOMO of everything on the con floor. I spent numerous years going to SDCC with a couple of friends and sometimes just my husband (boyfriend at the time), but it’s only in the past 2-3 years that I’ve really started to appreciate having like minded friends there with me. Continue reading

Summer of X

X-Men bodysuit and Denim Pencil Skirt

It’s officially summer! I wanted to ring in the start of summer with a fun outfit, wearing one of my favorite comic book tops (although technically a bodysuit). This is also fitting since I’ve been working on my Psylocke cosplay for San Diego Comic-Con, but more to come on that later. I’m definitely excited to be an X-Men and especially a Marvel fan right now with all the upcoming movies going on and especially with James Gunn announcing Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will have a presence at SDCC this year! I haven’t decided if I will be camping out two nights in a row, assuming Game of Thrones is on a Friday again, so I may have to enjoy the panel vicariously through my friends. Only 3 more weeks to go!!

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Floral and Free

Free People Lena Dress with Boots

Summer is just around the corner, which means lots of florals! I’ve been really addicted to black floral dresses lately, starting with this one from Free People. I know Free People clothes are generally seen as being incredibly bohemian, with styles you might think you can only wear to Coachella, but if you look closely, there are actually quite a lot of beautiful “normal” pieces as well! I’m a big fan of their dresses, especially their lace ones, and for some mysterious reasons, all of their dresses look great with boots, which is a huge plus for me. Do you guys have any favorite dress brands? I would love to know!

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Postcards from Jakku

Her Universe Rey Shirt and Laser Cut Skirt

There’s something very geometric and almost mathematical about laser cut clothing. Maybe it’s the precision, symmetry, or just the aesthetic of it, who knows. I just know that my logical mind loves to wear it! I recently picked up this laser cut skirt and immediately knew it would go perfectly with my new Rey shirt from Her Universe. If you haven’t seen their latest line of tees, be sure to check them out! I love that they all have a more feminine design aesthetic and this one even reminds me of a postcard that I might receive from someone on Jakku that might say “Hi from Jakku! BB-8 says hello!” ^.^ Continue reading