Fit for the Rebellion

Her Universe Hot Topic Finn Jacket Dressy Outfit

Now that one big event is over, it’s on to the next big event – Rogue One! Hopefully everyone got their Rogue One tickets the other day – if not, you better hurry! I haven’t actually decided what I’ll be wearing when I go camp out in line, but isn’t it great to have so many options? I mean, I could wear a full on costume or just wear a regular Star Wars shirt. Or I could even do a casual cosplay with this cool Finn jacket (formerly Poe’s)! Throw on a black tee,  black jeans, and boots and you’re pretty much good to go! And even if you don’t go the casual route, you can easily dress this jacket up with a frilly skirt, heels, and some shiny jewelry for your next holiday party! I am actually thrilled that this jacket came back in stock since I missed it the first time (I was waiting for the sale!) and the quality, fit, and design is everything I thought it would be. So whether you go casual or dressy, this jacket is fit for any rebel.

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Cardi Party

Elhoffer Design Spider-Gwen Punk sweater

Hopefully everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving and/or is still getting ready for more holiday dinners this weekend (I know I am!). When it comes to holiday dinners, I’ve always felt that you can’t go wrong with a sweater. Whether it be an ugly Christmas sweater, an itchy wool sweater, or even a cardigan, a sweater is always appropriate attire for that family/friends dinner. And this Spider-Gwen sweater couldn’t have arrived at a better time! Continue reading

The Hero Within

Hero Within Batman BlazerYou may be thinking, “What’s a men’s blazer doing on a women’s geek fashion blog??”. Well, this is no ordinary blazer. It’s a BATMAN BLAZER!! I’ve been friends with Tony Kim (aka Crazy4ComicCon) for many years now and besides being a super fan of comic con, bringing awareness to multi-ethnic geek culture, and being a panel host extraordinaire, he’s now taking his fandom to even greater heights by starting his own clothing line, appropriately titled “Hero Within“. I have to admit – I had no idea Tony had such a passion for men’s clothing! But then I remembered seeing his Comic-Con Bag Blazer and it all made sense. :) Us geek girls have gotten a lot of love the past few years with more and more geeky women’s clothing so it’s a nice change to finally see some love for geeky menswear too!

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Back in Time

With sandal season over, I’ve sort of been on a sneaker buying binge lately. I can’t help it – they’re comfortable, cute, and did I mention affordable? Well, unless you’re buying ones like this $480 pair. :P Anyhow, I recently came across these Adidas kicks that gave me the warm fuzzies of not only the ’80s but a tiny bit of Marty’s shoes from Back to the Future 2. Seeing as how the replica pair is not going to be affordable any time soon, these are a pretty nice back up! Plus they were perfect to wear with my BTTF pins that I picked up from the BAIT booth at SDCC! I’ve been a Disney pin collector for about 3 years now and I love that pins are the latest craze these days. They’re an easy way to throw in your favorite fandom to your daily outfit, backpack, purse, and really anything!

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Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Black Lace Dress with BootsWith Stan Lee Comic Con just around the corner and me being in “cosplay mode“, it just dawned on me over the weekend how close Halloween is! Not that I need an excuse to wear black, but I was definitely in the mood to pull out some black lace, black boots, and black knee highs. But to be honest, the real reason I wore this outfit was really to go with my bat print nails!! I’ve been using Espionage Cosmetics nail wraps for a couple years now and they have really become my go-to brand for nail art, given that these are nail stickers and much less toxic than nail polish, last way longer, and are mistake-free. Of course they have tons of great nerdy prints to choose from, but the best thing about these particular bat print wraps are that they glow in the dark!! Yes, you heard that right. How cool is that?? Halloween may be around the corner, but I know for a fact that I’ll be wearing these all year round!

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Matchy Matchy

Ever since I went pastel, I’ve found myself being a lot more conscious of the colors I’m wearing. Suddenly I’m not sure if I should be wearing red plaid shirts or a mustard yellow sweater! On the flip side, when I had red hair, I found myself never wearing pastel colors and wearing tons of black. And now it seems like I’m back to wearing light spring colors as well as lots of blacks and whites. It may be way past the season for wearing springtime pastels, but it looks like it’s going to be a colorful winter! I swear I wasn’t trying to match my hair today, but I’m loving this light purple/grey pleated skirt from Uniqlo (and it’s at a great price!) Also, I’m especially loving Uniqlo these days because of their awesome Disney line. I totally went crazy stocking up on their Disney tees so if you’re a Disney fan, be prepared!

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Holy Shoulders, Batman!

Bat Print Skirt OutfitI guess I’m a little late to the party, but it’s officially October!! If you ask cosplayers how they feel about October and Halloween, I know a lot of them say it’s no big deal and that “every day is Halloween to a cosplayer”. However, I feel the exact opposite and still love October, love Halloween, and love the whole vibe around the start of fall. Sure, I don’t do anything big in terms of costumes for Halloween, but handing out candy to kids, decorating our house, and carving crazy pumpkins are still some of my favorite fall activities. And so, I’m officially kicking off this month with this appropriate bat skirt (and cute matching necklace from Loot Wear)! And for the rest of the cosplayers out there, how do you guys feel about Halloween?

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