Get Your Bounty on Star Wars Day!

Boba Fett Jacket and Floral Romper

You know what today is… it’s Star Wars Day! Sure, you could celebrate like I am here by wearing your favorite Star Wars item, but with Star Wars practically everywhere these days, you’re bound to find something new to buy or else something fun to do in order to take today to the next level. Lucky for you, I’ve been keeping my eye out for worthy Star Wars events and put a list together just for the occasion. May the 4th be with you!  Continue reading

Batty for Accessories


I’ve been in the mood for geeky accessories these days and the timing couldn’t be more perfect with Loot Crate’s last bundle of Level Up goodies. In their “versus” crate was this awesome Batman vs. Superman necklace (I’m just wearing the Batman one here) and it couldn’t go better with this floral Batman cap I picked up from Wondercon. Caps have kind of become a staple to me, especially on the weekends when I can dress super casual, so I’m looking forward to growing my collection! Also, be sure to use my code (after the jump) to save 10% on your own geeky clothing crate!

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Boho Geek

Coachella inspired outfit

Call me old or call me uncool, but I’m completely not in tune with the music scene. I guess at some point in your adult life, you stop listening to new music, start saying stuff like “I can’t believe kids are listening to this stuff” and stick to music you listened to when you were younger. All things considered, I still somehow knew (thanks to social media) that Coachella was happening this past weekend. My friends have told me that Coachella is like the San Diego Comic Con of music – a huge festival, lots of exhibitors, and just like how people make the craziest costumes for SDCC, so is the fashion scene of Coachella. Continue reading

The Robin Hood Tour

Whosits and Whatsits Robin Hood ShirtNo matter how many cons I have been to, I still never get tired of roaming the exhibit floor and checking out new booths. Wondercon had some great independent booths and as a huge Disney nerd, I was immediately drawn to Whosits and Whatsits. Yes, they have an awesome store name and yes, they have amazingly cute Disney inspired shirts! Robin Hood was actually one of my favorite Disney cartoons growing up and I have to admit I had a tiny crush on him too (can you have a crush on a fox?). I love the cleverness of this tee, especially the reference to the “oo-de-lally” song, which will now be stuck in my head all day. So if you’re a fan of this type of stuff like I am, be sure to keep an eye on their store as I’m sure they’ll be coming out with even more cool stuff in the future!

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Agents of Fashion

Her Universe Agents of Shield Cardigan

If there’s one thing about fashion, it’s that it can be so empowering. I love that wearing something can bring about so many emotions – feeling girly when you’re wearing a tulle skirt, tough as nails when you’re wearing motorcycle boots, or maybe even like a secret agent when you’re representing the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I love that this lightweight cardigan brings a mixture of ’50s school uniform flair while representing the team with a sweet logo on the back. I may not look as badass as the real guys, but it definitely makes me feel like I could kick some butt!

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All Ears

Turtleneck and Corduroy Circle Skirt

I love beanies in the winter. But considering that I’m rarely seen without one in public these days has made them almost as mundane as wearing socks (although socks can be quite fun sometimes). Sure, it’s perfect right now because of the cold weather, but the challenge comes when I want to wear something nicer. A beanie doesn’t exactly go that well with a fancy dress, know what I mean? And as fun as wigs can be, they are uncomfortable and a hassle to deal with. My mind is always swirling with thoughts of “Is it on straight? Are hairs sticking out? Man, it’s hot!”. I know I’ll definitely have to suck it up once I have to attend a nicer event like a dinner or a wedding, but for now, I’ve been growing my collection of beanies, starting with this one. So I might ask the question – at what age is it too old to have a beanie with ears? There may come a time where I have to put my ears away and face the facts! But for now, my answer is, “You’re never too old!” and I will continue to wear these ears upright and with a smile.

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Sugar Rush

We Love Fine Princess Bubblegum Cardigan Outfit

Today’s outfit is definitely one of those that represent the way I want to feel versus the way I actually feel. It’s been a pretty rough week of sickness for me and I’ve been passing the time with lots of reading, sleeping, and TV watching (Downton Abbey, Project Runway Junior, and Teen Titans Go!). There have been times this week where I haven’t even been able to get off the couch so being able to have the energy to write is a great feeling! Even though I’m a frequent wearer of black, I was immediately drawn to this Princess Bubblegum inspired cardigan as it gave me visions of sunshine, rainbows, and the Candy Kingdom. This is exactly what I needed this week to give give me a boost in my spirits and I’m hoping by next week, my insides will match my outsides! Till then, I’ll be getting lots of rest and getting ready to have a mini-celebration once I start feeling back to normal!

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