Geeky Jewelry – Valentine’s Day Edition

Pac Man Jewelry Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and even though I am all for creative gift giving, you also can’t go wrong with jewelry, especially if that jewelry matches her geeky personality! She will definitely appreciate the thought that went into finding that special piece and just to make things easier, here are some recommendations for those of you looking for something stylish and geeky (see what I did there?), but also something on the fancier end. Also, definitely let me know what you think of my picks and if you would recommend any other pieces!

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Black Friday Shopping Haul 2013

Stylish Geek Black Friday 2013 Shopping Haul I admit I did a lot of shopping over Black Friday weekend, but honestly I didn’t realize how much until I started receiving all of my packages last week. My excitement was mixed with guilt and then thoughts that I should really make some returns or clean out my closet a bit more. On top of that, realizing that there were still a few more packages on their way made me feel extra guilty. But I love a good bargain (and new games and clothes) so I thought I would share some of my shopping haul with you in this video! Enjoy!

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Going to E3 2013 and What to Wear – The Stylish Geek Edition

Going to e3 2013 forbes article When I first read this Forbes article on what to wear for E3, I was pretty disappointed. I admit that the outfit with the blazer plus company/gaming/geek tee was a great idea, though not the exact pieces I might have chosen. But going sort of “punk” to a S.T.E.A.M. Punk (Science.Technology. Engineering, Art, Math) E3 party was ridiculous. The writer obviously didn’t do her research (probably because she didn’t know steampunk was a “thing”) and it was offensive to geeks everywhere.  Note that the original outfit has since been removed due to all the negative comments, but can be seen hereThe easiest way to offend geeky people is to misuse something that is near and dear to them – for eg, using a Vulcan Salute at a Star Wars convention or saying something like “Isn’t Star Wars and Star Trek the same thing?”.

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8-bit Fun

Original NES It’s amazing how a nearly 20 year old gaming console can make you so happy. Suddenly feeling nostalgic on a Sunday afternoon, I decided to break out my NES, complete with 7 whole games. A very sad and unimpressive collection, I know, but don’t judge a gamer by their gaming collection. Games were pretty expensive back then! I mean, can you believe I still paid almost $30 for Caveman Games in 1990?? But just like how I completed Tomb Raider for a mere $4 using Redbox, I played most of my games from borrowing or renting them at my local video store. After reading my monthly EGM, I would pick out a few games, rent one on a Friday and beat it by Sunday. I may not have played everything, but everything I played was memorable.

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Tomb Raider (2013) – A Review

Tomb Raider 2013 Screenshots

Being sick sometimes has it’s advantages. No one wants to be around you, you have a legit reason for not attending events, and better yet, you get to stay home in your PJs and catch up on video games. I have been looking forward to Tomb Raider (2013) ever since it was announced and having con-flu seemed like the perfect excuse to finally get started. Although I knew of Lara Croft, who is probably the most iconic female video character out there, I had surprisingly never played through any of the Tomb Raider games. However, this was probably a thing since I had no idea what to expect, except that I knew I would be going on an awesome adventure.

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Wondercon 2013 Recap and Photos Extraordinaire!

Wondercon 2013 Nathan Drake Cosplay Another Wondercon has come and gone and like most big cons, it’s always a little sad when it’s over. Yup, back to reality and my mundane life where I can’t cosplay for 6 hours a day. But it was still a great time and nice to go to a con that had many of the booths of SDCC, but not the overwhelming crowds. As for panels, I was probably the most excited about the Continue reading

See You at Wondercon!

Female Nathan Drake cosplay Wondercon 2013 Happy first day of Wondercon! I was able to take a test shot before heading down south and here’s a sneak peek of my Nathan Drake cosplay. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all the buckles, rivets, and paint stays in place! Hope to see you at Wondercon!