Polka Dots and Peplum

Navy/Green Polka Dot Peplum BustierI don’t know who made up the idea of not wearing white jeans after Labor Day, but honestly when it’s Fall and still 75 degrees outside in California, I’m probably still going to be wearing my white jeans. I really love the look of skinny jeans with a peplum top and this polka dot peplum top was straight out of a preppy handbook. Even though I rarely step into Abercrombie & Fitch these days, sometimes their sweaters and tops can still catch my eye and you can always count on them for cute and preppy clothes.

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Going Bold with Blue

Lace top and blue pants outfit

I never thought I’d be wearing bright colored pants again. In fact, I think the last time I wore anything this bright was back in elementary school. But as soon as I started seeing colored pants show up again, I loved that they were skinny fit and figure flattering. Volcom makes a great pair in their “Matchstick Frochickie” style. They’re bold in color, not too casual, and as comfortable as an old pair of khakis.

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I’m an adult, really!

Outfit - Lace Shorts and BlazersI’ve been seeing a lot of lace shorts lately and love these colorful ones from Volcom. I love the way shorts look with blazers so I paired these with a simple black one from JCrew to balance out the boldness of the shorts. And as I was looking through my watch collection, I saw my Hello Kitty My Melody watch that I got from a McDonald’s happy meal last year! Fine, I’m a little old to be wearing a giant plastic watch, but I just couldn’t help it.

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