One Year Later

Star Wars 10k 2017 - slave leia running outfit

This past weekend running the Star Wars 10k 2017!

There’s a lot to celebrate every day – some days more than others, but today especially because 1 year ago today, I finished my last chemo treatment. Some people say you’re “cancer free” after you have your surgery to remove it. Others feel like you’re not truly “cancer free” until you finish your last chemo treatment. For me, I’m a little more partial to the latter since chemo was the last aggressive effort to get rid of any wandering and potential cancer cells in my body. I definitely remember my last day of chemo – all the nurses clapped while I was leaving and they even gave me a “certificate of completion” that they had signed. I just smiled, waved goodbye as I left, and remembered how happy I was to get out of there!

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Hair Story

41D07BC9-6CDA-4689-9516-5858C92577B0.jpgSo you may have noticed my new “do”. :) It’s been quite a roller coaster of emotions these past few weeks and I can’t say my hair journey has been easy – in fact, sometimes I wish I had just taken the straightforward path instead of making it so complicated! So, where do I start? Most people know that chemo causes hair loss. I have to admit that when I knew I would be going through chemo, I thought the hair loss was not a big deal. I thought, “Eh, I’ll wear a wig, and just cosplay as Asajj Ventress!” But as my first day of chemo approached and I sat there reading those breast cancer forums, I got the idea that  maybe, there was a way around the hair loss. Continue reading