Response to Joe Peacock’s Geek Out Article – Booth Babes Need Not Apply

Booth Babes Need Not Apply CNN Geek Out Article

If you’re a geek and happen to be a girl, then chances are you may have heard about Joe Peacock’s “Booth Babes Need Not Apply” article on CNN Geek Out. At first it made sense. I myself admit to stereotyping women all the time when I see a scantily clad pretty girl in cosplay at a convention. I find myself thinking, “I bet she’s just trying to get attention” and agree when I hear people say that Comic Con is like Halloween, just another excuse for women to dress slutty. I know it’s wrong, but sometimes this is what happens when you grow up being one of the only girls who still played video games when she was 16. But things change for the better and nowadays, it’s almost like “Who doesn’t play games?”. So at first I did agree with Joe Peacock. However, when I read this, everything else just went out the window.

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Best of E3 2012


Being a regular at E3 from 2004-2009, it’s crazy to see how much things have changed over the years. A “gamer” is no longer just your LAN party attending marathon gamer, but also your little sister who plays Dance Central on the Kinect. The gaming world is evolving. Even though the demographics of gamers is changing and bringing in a lot of casual games these days, it’s good to see some publishers stay true to the hardcore fans who just want their doses of action, adventure, a little RPG, and some good fun. Even though I didn’t get to go to E3, I felt like I was there in spirit, cheering and rolling my eyes with the rest of the fanboys.

And with that, here are some of the games I am super excited about!

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My 1st MTG Draft

I finally went to my first “drafting” experience a few weeks ago for the 2011 Core Set pre-release. Actually this was not a real “draft”, but more a “limited sealed” event where you get 6 packs and you make a minimum 40 card deck out of that. At first I was really excited since the store owner told me players were pretty “casual” and just really enjoyed the game. I figured I had played enough by then to know what I was doing, right?? Well, the minute I got my 6 packs and started opening them, I started panicking. Continue reading

A girl in a the gaming space

This past weekend I was happy to re-discover another local comic/gaming store (I say rediscover b/c it’s always been in a mall near my house, but it seems to have been revamped recently)! It’s actually split into two stores- one for comics, TPBs, toys, and the like, and one for table top gaming and cool board games like Bang!, Settlers of Catan, etc. They also have a huge library of MTG cards for you to look through, but I promised myself I’d go back another weekend when I had time to look through the many boxes. The thing I was most excited about though were the tables in the back for open play! But… I have very mixed feelings about this. Continue reading