Response to Gizmodo’s Article “My Brief OkCupid Affair With a World Champion Magic: The Gathering Player”

Today someone sent me this article from Gizmodo. At first glance I thought, “Wow, a fun article about dating a pro MTG player”. And then I thought, “Holy crap! She went out with Jon Finkel! How awesome!”. Even as a casual magic player, I had read about him at some point or another and even wiki’d him. But after reading this, I am pretty disappointed and appalled at “my kind”. How could a woman who lives such a tech driven world and writes for Gizmodo still think this way? Continue reading

New Phyrexia!

New Phyrexia Box
Now that I’ve had a couple days to learn the set, I have to say that I am loving the New Phyrexia block! Surprisingly enough, I actually was able to stay up late enough for launch event last Thursday at midnight to pick up my box. But unlike most MTG players, I am pretty slow when it comes to opening my magic packs. I guess you could say I like the savor the moment and open packs a few at a time. It’s now day 3 and I still have more than 10 packs left to open. :) Continue reading

FNM: Drafting Zendikar

FNM: Drafting ZendikarMy friends have been trying to convince me to go to FNM at this huge MTG store in San Jose, but I’ve been reluctant to go b/c I don’t know the Besieged block all that well and I hate going into an event unprepared. Plus they said the store was full of nerd stench with zero ventilation. Eww… So instead we decided to buy a box of Zendikar and do a draft ourselves! Continue reading

Mirrodin lunch box

One of my old coworkers hooked me up with this Scars of Mirrodin lunch box. I have a thing for lunch boxes, mostly because it reminds me a lot of the 80s. This lunch box comes with packs inside as well as 2 starter decks – not sure if they are all different, but this one had a green poison one and the metalcraft one. After playing the poison deck a bunch of times, I’m finding that they are too cheap unless your opponent has the cards to remove counters. I dunno – I really have mixed feelings about it. I’m liking metalcraft though, but have yet to explore more with it. Happy gathering!
Mirrodin lunch box

My 1st MTG Draft

I finally went to my first “drafting” experience a few weeks ago for the 2011 Core Set pre-release. Actually this was not a real “draft”, but more a “limited sealed” event where you get 6 packs and you make a minimum 40 card deck out of that. At first I was really excited since the store owner told me players were pretty “casual” and just really enjoyed the game. I figured I had played enough by then to know what I was doing, right?? Well, the minute I got my 6 packs and started opening them, I started panicking. Continue reading

A girl in a the gaming space

This past weekend I was happy to re-discover another local comic/gaming store (I say rediscover b/c it’s always been in a mall near my house, but it seems to have been revamped recently)! It’s actually split into two stores- one for comics, TPBs, toys, and the like, and one for table top gaming and cool board games like Bang!, Settlers of Catan, etc. They also have a huge library of MTG cards for you to look through, but I promised myself I’d go back another weekend when I had time to look through the many boxes. The thing I was most excited about though were the tables in the back for open play! But… I have very mixed feelings about this. Continue reading