One Year Later

Star Wars 10k 2017 - slave leia running outfit

This past weekend running the Star Wars 10k 2017!

There’s a lot to celebrate every day – some days more than others, but today especially because 1 year ago today, I finished my last chemo treatment. Some people say you’re “cancer free” after you have your surgery to remove it. Others feel like you’re not truly “cancer free” until you finish your last chemo treatment. For me, I’m a little more partial to the latter since chemo was the last aggressive effort to get rid of any wandering and potential cancer cells in my body. I definitely remember my last day of chemo – all the nurses clapped while I was leaving and they even gave me a “certificate of completion” that they had signed. I just smiled, waved goodbye as I left, and remembered how happy I was to get out of there!

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Sweet Music

Everyday Cosplay Guardians of the Galaxy Jacket

Speaking of good health, I just had my 3 month check up yesterday and I’m happy to say that all is well! I was actually quite nervous going into the appointment (going to the doctors pretty much every 2 weeks for 6 months will do that to you) and I was even dreading that moment I knew I had to step on that scale for my “official” weight! Eek! Well, I’m happy to report I lost about 9 pounds since my last visit (HOORAY!), my blood work was normal, and my oncologist thinks I’m handling my current medication pretty well. I felt such a huge relief that I just wanted to celebrate for the rest of the day by wearing something super upbeat like this Guardians of the Galaxy inspired outfit! :D I know this is one of many check ups in my lifetime, but for me, it was the first step towards the future.

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(Top Left) my heaviest right after chemo and (Right) taken a few weeks ago

It’s always tough to talk about one’s body image regardless of your size. I know the minute I complain about my body, I’m going to hear things like, “Why are you complaining? You’re so thin!” and “Why do you need to eat healthy?” But I always tell people just because I’m thin doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be eating right and exercising. Even as a thin person, I too suffer from body insecurities and have been experiencing this more than ever these past 6 months. Finishing chemo may have seemed like “the end”, but dealing with weight gain, losing all of my eyelashes and most of my eyebrows, and a handful of other physical side effects have not been fun. Contrary to popular belief, many people actually gain weight during chemo due to all the drugs (especially steroids) that they give you and for me, that was definitely one of the most challenging parts to deal with post-treatment, both physically and mentally.  Continue reading