Pretty in Pink

BCBGeneration Sheer Blush Pink Empire Waist Dress

With wedding season in full swing, it’s a good idea to have a handful of dresses to choose from next time you receive that invitation in the mail. I have been loving BCBG’s younger label, BCBGeneration, for a while now and this dress combines the many things that are so fashion forward about the line while also being fun and cute.  While it’s an obvious choice to pair this dress with a good pair of nude pumps (a la Kylie Jenner here), I decided to go a more rebellious route and wear my more edgy Michael Kors Berkeley zipper sandals instead.

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Color in Your Work Wear

Outfit - Blazer and Kate Spade striped laptop case“What am I going to wear to work today?”.

Being surrounded by casually dressed engineers in California sometimes has it’s downside. I find myself getting “lazy” in my style choices and not always going for the more polished and professional look. Flats usually win over heels. Sometimes I wish the dress code were more like my friends who work in the financial districts of New York, but hey, the grass is always greener, right?  Continue reading

Exception to the Wedding Rule

H&M Floral Strapless DressAhh… wedding season. Looks like I will making good use of my closet of dresses since I have 5 weddings over the next 3 months. I know the general rule is “never wear white to a wedding”, but I thought this dress was an exception to that rule.