The $40 wedding outfit

H&M Lilac Silver Dress I went to a super fun wedding over the weekend and figured it was a perfect occasion to post another wedding outfit. It was actually quite cold so I did bring a cardigan, but for the most part, the main part of this outfit was less than $40! Well, not counting accessories. :) Continue reading

Banana Republic Kristen Chiffon Sandals

I had a huge score at the BR store the other day! These gorgeous and super feminine sandals were on sale for $41 at the BR store with extra 50% off! You can’t beat $20 shoes especially with the really pretty detailing in these. The strap color is a pinkish taupe. I was debating on getting both the black and the light colored ones, but decided on just the taupe one since you can’t really see the flower design on the black ones as much. Deals FTW!