Minty Marvel

Wolverine Dog Tags and Mint Maxi Skirt

When it comes to accessories, sometimes you have to think outside the box. And with mens wear on the rise, it only makes sense that sometimes the best accessories are the ones in the men’s department. Take for example these Wolverine dog tags. You might think that they would only look good with a T-shirt and army jacket, but with the right outfit, you can keep Logan close to your heart. I’ve also incorporated one of my favorite pieces from Marvel’s jewelry line – this crystal Thor Hammer Cuff. To me, subtle geeky jewelry is like being in a secret club. To a regular person, it just looks like a cute sparkly bracelet, but to the right person, it’s like discovering a hidden secret that only a few will notice.

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GeekyU and Me

GeekyU Stormtrooper Suit Skirt

One of my favorite aisles to walk down at comic conventions is the “craft” aisle. You know, the aisle that includes handmade hoodies, cards, art, and those plushies that are just too cute to pass up. Every year there seems to be more and more and this year GeekyU really caught my eye at the Big Wow Comic Fest! From afar, their stuff looks very eye catching – screen printed skirts (such as this Stormtrooper one that I’m wearing), Zelda tops, Doctor Who tees, and a few Star Wars inspired pieces. But then as I looked at their Zelda backpacks and ewok purses, it was hard not to notice the incredible details that went into every piece. Sure, every piece is handmade extremely well, but the fabric choices and textures that the designers chose was what really impressed me (check out this amazing Harley Quinn dress). Each piece is so unique and so incredible that you really have to see for yourself. Check out their Etsy store and follow them on Facebook – you won’t be disappointed!

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Skulls and Bows

Royal Bones Skull Print Lace DressSkull print fashion seems to be everywhere these days. Alexander McQueen’s popular skull print scarves, skull prints in “couture” clothing, and even in some of the jewelry from Disney Couture. When did skull jewelry, skull accessories, and even skull prints go from being seen as “goth” or “rebellious” to just plain trendy? I’ve enjoyed skull print stuff for a long time now and it’s good and bad that there are so many options these days. 5 years ago, I would have never found a feminine skull print dress like this one from Royal Bones, but on the downside, it’s getting to be just as common as any other print. I guess the hard part is weeding out the trendy items from the quality items. My tip for that is to definitely go with the more unique pieces since they are more likely to be timeless!

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Summer Essentials – The Maxi Dress

RVCA spirit voice maxi dress

On summer days when I don’t want to think too hard about what to wear or just need to “throw something on”, this is when the maxi dress totally comes in handy. Paired with a belt, sweater, and your favorite sandals, the maxi dress covers all my favorite “Cs” – comfortable, casual, and chic. This one by RVCA not only has all of those elements, but the light pink color is great for spring/summer. And the tribal print is subtle enough that you could dress this up or just wear it to the beach!

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Floral Mix

Edgy Floral and Stripes outfit

Dressing for spring time means lots of floral print. I don’t know about you, but after a while, florals can get pretty boring and all start to look the same. This is why it’s always good to mix things up and try pairing it with something different. For example, I have always liked the idea of making floral look a little more edgy – feminine edgy as you might call it. Here are a couple of tips on how to make your floral more edgy:

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Mixing Seasons

High Low Floral Dress with Tall Boots Outfit

The weather has been very fickle in the Bay Area these days with it being sort of hot, but still windy and cold, which makes for much indecisiveness when it comes to choosing an outfit. Layers is one solution, but for today’s post, I decided to mix it up by wearing my winter boots with my summery floral dress. This high low dress is conveniently short enough in the front to just barely cover my over the knee boots and pairing it with a light jacket will help keep you balanced when the temperature changes. On top of that, I’m also wearing my winged key Harry Potter necklace that I picked up from the Whimsical Alley, which in my opinion goes perfectly with floral print. I got to check out their booth at Wondercon and can’t wait to visit the store next time I’m in the LA area! It’s a must see store for any Harry Potter fan!

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Topshop Polka Dot Crop Top and Comic Pencil Skirt It was love at first sight when I saw this skirt. Something about the old style comics with their red, yellows, blacks, and bright blues seems to never go out of style. The iconic blue eyes of the blonde haired woman who always seemed to be in a tragic state is such a familiar piece of art, which I believe is based off of Roy Lichtenstein’s art (can anyone confirm?) Regardless, I love that this skirt brings so much life and “pop” into an outfit and it’s definitely a must have for any of you comic-loving ladies out there!

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