Fanime 2017

Punk Sailor Moon Babs Tarr Bosozoku Sailor ScoutsAHHHHHH. This is the sigh of relief I made after finally getting to cosplay this past weekend at Fanime. It’s been over 6 months since I last cosplayed at a con and by January, I was already having a major cosplay withdrawals to not only make something new and just be creative, but also dress up and well, just cosplay! I had missed out on Wondercon and Silicon Valley Comic Con so with Fanime happening during Memorial Weekend, the timing finally worked out. I love Fanime because there isn’t one unfriendly person at the con and the energy level is just so fun. Even though I was only able to go on Saturday, I am so glad I was able to cosplay with this amazing group of punk Sailor Scouts (huge thanks to KittieCosplay for helping me find the rest of our scouts!). Ever since I saw this Bosozoku Sailor Scouts art by Babs Tarr, it was always in the back of my mind to bring it to life. I’m a huge fan of Babs Tarr’s art (I mean, who isn’t?) and obviously am a fan of bringing her characters to life. She just has a way of making women look so empowered and badass that it’s hard not to want to be them. Sadly Sailor Mars was fighting evil and saving the life of a little pup, but for the most part, we almost had the full Sailor Scout group together – perfect for a punk rock album cover, right??

Photo by Heroic Imaging (arrangement by me)

Photo by Edwin Fabian

Cosplayers: Venus (KnockieCosplay), Jupiter (Krafty_kat9), Tuxedo Mask (Heavymetal_mando), Usagi (Me), Mercury (KittieCosplay)

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