Letters to You

Grandpa Sweater with Skirt and Letter Tights

I’m not sure why someone thought it might be a good idea to wear the color “mustard”. Even though the color reminds me of different things – ’70s furniture, dirty yellow paint, or even things that come out of my dog, it still makes for a great colored sweater. Sorry, hope that didn’t gross you out.  And with any bold colors, it’s usually a good idea to keep the rest of the outfit pretty simple – today with greys and blacks including these fun letter print tights!

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Winter Dresses in Fit and Flare

Banana Republic Fit Flare Striped Dress

If you’ve ever looked out your window and thought it was too cold to wear a dress in the winter, this dress may change your mind. This particular one from Banana Republic is one of their “fit and flare” dresses – looks flattering on almost everyone, has a good amount of stretch, and is incredibly warm due to it’s thick heavy duty (but not bulky) material. And even if you don’t get this one, check out my shopping links for more options!

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Casual Batman

Batman Logo Shirt with Field Jacket - Casual Geek Outfit

A lot of geeky shirts can be loud, busy, and pretty attention getting. Don’t get me wrong, I love those crazy comic exclamations, characters, and fun prints. And as geeks, we do like to make a statement in our T-shirts! But sometimes it’s great to have a “casual” version of your favorite superhero shirt such as this faded Batman one. This particular one could easily be that favorite 15 year old T-shirt that has been washed so much that it’s about to fall apart. Plus the subtle black and white graphic will easily keep your identity a secret, right? ;)

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Avoiding the Winter Blues

Jcrew Neon Tippi Sweater and Leather Tuxedo Skinny Jeans Winter can be cold and harsh and easily turn into a sea of black coats and grey sweaters. Though you may be in the mood to pull on that dark and drab sweater, wearing something bright and unexpected in the winter can really brighten those cold and gloomy days. Wishing you a warm and bright weekend!

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M-I-C… K-E-Y… M-O-U-S-E!

Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt chic outfitMickey sweatshirts, Star Wars hoodies, and Adventure Time leggings. I call these “kid clothes for adults”. With all this fun clothing available for adults these days, I feel like it’s easy to be a kid at heart. Sure, it’s a little embarrassing when that 10 year old standing next to you is wearing the same thing as you, but at least you both have the right idea.

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Sophisticated Comics

Comic Top with Wool Tuxedo Skirt

If there’s one thing that’s a bit tragic about the winter season, it’s that the cold weather makes it so hard to wear any of my geeky tees/tops/dresses! Sure, a T-shirt can be worn under lot of pieces, but that can get pretty redundant pretty fast. Instead of a typical jeans and t-shirt look, I decided to wear my Marvel comic dress as a top underneath a fitted wool skirt. Hopefully I can bring a bit of unexpected fun to this potentially boring work outfit! And throw on a snood to finish it off, which by the way is the strangest word for an article of clothing!

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Giving in to the Chunky Sweater

Brandy Melville Levi Crochet Sweater and Slouchy Beanie with Sophia Costas Sheep Scarf

I’ve always been really reluctant to wear chunky sweaters. Maybe because they conjure up memories of being a kid stuck in a big uncomfortable wool sweater and not being able to move or maybe because they always seemed itchy. But with the Bay Area recently being in a state of “extreme cold”, I finally decided to give it a go. Granted, this is not the warmest sweater (yeah, I don’t think having a sweater with lots of holes will do you much good), but layered with a thermal, it’s been keeping me cozy, warm, and open to more chunky sweater possibilities! Stay warm – and cozy!

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