Han Solo Cosplay Tutorial: Han’s Vest (Part 2 of 3)

Female Han Solo by Victor Gamez

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I knew that the key to a convincing vest was finding the right type of material. I decided to hit up some thrift shops and just see what was out there. Specifically, I was looking for something in a stiff black fabric that would give it the rugged and outdoorsy look – maybe something like canvas or khaki. And I wanted to make sure the material wasn’t flimsy like a windbreaker or too thin of a cotton. Although I found a few pieces that might work, I decided on this black peacoat and was pretty confident that I could turn it into a vest.

Black Peacoat - Han Solo Cosplay TutorialOnce removing all the buttons, cutting off the collar and the sleeves, I then proceeded to slim it down to look more like a vest. Since the peacoat was originally flared out at the waist and was double-breasted in front, I had to pin everything to look more straight. Here it is after all the cinching.

Han Solo Vest Cosplay TutorialI actually found it challenging to find good clear pictures of all the front and back pockets of Han solo’s vest, but ended up being able to use these statue and bust images for reference.

Han Solo Statue

Han Solo Bust

I used all of the leftover fabric from the sleeves of the peacoat to strategically plan out the rest of the pockets. I started with the front pockets by roughly cutting some rectangles, tucking in the edges and sewing them down 3 sides at a time. I created the flaps by also just sewing the seams and then pinning them above the pockets and sewing the top edge down. Han’s vest has 3 cargo style pockets and one curved patch pocket on his top right.

Han Solo Vest Pockets Cosplay Tutorial

Yes, that’s a lot of hair there. That’s what I get for having Corgis. :)

Han Solo Vest Pockets Cosplay TutorialBy the time I got around to the pockets in the back of the vest, I was pretty low on fabric so  I had to make his back lower pocket slightly smaller than it probably should have been. And as you can see, I only have 3 slots in the upper back instead of 4. I was just crossing my fingers that some Star Wars nerd wouldn’t stop me to point out that inconsistency!

Han Solo Vest Cosplay TutorialOverall though, I was really happy with the way everything fit in the end. Plus it was awesome being able actually put things in my cosplay for once! Stay tuned for my last tutorial on making the gun holster!

Han Solo Vest Pockets Cosplay Tutorial

11 thoughts on “Han Solo Cosplay Tutorial: Han’s Vest (Part 2 of 3)

  1. Thank you for the inspiration with the old peacoat! I completed this costume for wife to attend the premier and the vest turned out so cool that my daughter wants one. Once you start taking apart the coat, things fall into place quickly. Great blog and thank you.

  2. This is so awesome. You are so talented. I bought my 13 month old son Chewbacca fleece pjs and I was going to attempt to put together a type of Han Solo outfit for Halloween. I don’t think I’ll have much luck putting something together in the next 5 days.
    This is brilliant!

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