Fit with the Force

Star Wars Crop Top with Moto Jacket

This may sound like another familiar New Year resolution, but I have been determined to get in shape as much as possible these past couple of weeks. Before you freak out that I’m trying to lose weight (because I seem to get that reaction whenever I tell people I need to work out), let me explain myself. After going through a pretty rough patch during my last round of chemo, I just felt the need to get my body in better shape before my next round. Many have mentioned that exercise supposedly helps – and I did notice I felt better after my 2nd round versus my 3rd maybe because I exercised more? Who knows. Either way, I’ve been super diligent about working out when I can and even pushed my introverted self to a few fitness classes. Eek! Of course working out sometimes requires some motivation Continue reading

Round 1 – Fight!

Chun Li every day cosplayDon’t let the Street Fighter shout out fool you, because today is a very big day. I thought I was done with the hard part, but I think my fight is just beginning. Waiting for the results of my surgery (on top of just healing itself) has been a long journey, but not knowing whether or not I would need chemo was the next big thing I was waiting for. I wish I had better news to share, but I will in fact be going through 4 rounds of chemo in the next few months. Even though I tried to prepare myself for the worst, it was still hard to hear. The decision even came down to percentages. 12% to be exact. I was basically told the difference between going through chemo or not going through chemo was 12%. But what’s really 12%? Continue reading

Let’s Jam!

Tee Fury Cowboy Bebop shirtIf you’ve ever watched Cowboy Bebop, then you were probably thinking what I was thinking when I saw this shirt. “3, 2, 1, LET’S JAM!” and then followed by Yoko Kanno’s popular theme song for Cowboy Bebop.  Although I don’t watch too much anime anymore, Cowboy Bebop still remains one of my all time favorites.  Tee Fury was kind enough to send me one of their shirts and I didn’t even have to think twice before requesting this one. And even though they do carry girl versions of the shirt designs, I actually opted for a men’s shirt so that I could do a little DIY and transform it into a muscle tank. Keep reading to see how I transformed this men’s tee into a cute tank!

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Not So Simple in Sherlock Shorts

Topshop Scallop Top and Velvet print shorts

With season 3 of Sherlock ending just as quickly as it started, I definitely had Sherlock on the mind when I bought these shorts. Trouser style shorts can get pretty boring after a while so I love that these are not only patterned, but also textured in a nice velvety fabric. And as different as Sherlock and Watson can be, I decided to experiment with a little mixing and matching of patterns over blacks and whites. Not exactly “elementary” if you ask me, but still fun to wear!

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Floral Mix

Edgy Floral and Stripes outfit

Dressing for spring time means lots of floral print. I don’t know about you, but after a while, florals can get pretty boring and all start to look the same. This is why it’s always good to mix things up and try pairing it with something different. For example, I have always liked the idea of making floral look a little more edgy – feminine edgy as you might call it. Here are a couple of tips on how to make your floral more edgy:

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The Many Faces of Dogs

Dog Print Ritsuko Hirai Shirt, Pantone Necklace, Star Tights


I know there is a never ending debate of cats versus dogs, but as an animal lover, I choose both. Remember this truck driving cat shirt that I wore in one of my previous posts? Well, between these two shirts designed by Ritsuko Hirai, I couldn’t decide which one I liked better. For some reason a dog wouldn’t look right behind the wheel of a car, but a shirt with tons of smiling dog faces? That seems way more appropriate. I paired this happy shirt with one of the most unique necklaces I have seen lately. Made by Seedling Design Studio and made from Pantone chips (Pantone being the company that pretty much standardizes color), they bring a surprisingly geeky, but pleasing array of colors to the outfit.

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