Geeky Jewelry Picks

When I saw this Hive and Honey Geometric Box necklace, I immediately had visions of Q*Bert and knew I had to get it. Even though it was a pretty geeky necklace to me, it was still normal looking enough where the average person might still consider it stylish. Then I realized that there must be lots of other “secret geek jewelry” out there and rapidly when on a hunt for more. Although I love a good Mario Piranha Plant earring just like the next nerd, I would also love to see more discrete jewelry that could appeal to even the non-geeky girl.

And so, here’s the result of my hunt! Enjoy!

Geometric Box Necklace

Hive and Honey Geometric Box necklace (buy here)

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Hello Polka Dots!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Polka Dots blouse
Somehow the Marc by Marc Jacobs line is always able to stay modern, yet vintage at the same time. This blouse has the basics of any old polka dot blouse, but with some extra details in the front. I usually don’t like big bows in the front either, but find that the polka dots on this one make it less serious.

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Blushing Pinks

Tulle skirt t-shirt outfitI saw this beautiful tulle skirt on modcloth and had to check it out. It’s so convenient that they finally started offering free shipping and returns too! I remember seeing frilly mini skirts all over Japan last winter and they always seemed so feminine and fun. Glad I could finally find one that suits my style (and isn’t ridiculously short on my 5’9″ frame).

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